Friday, June 9, 2017

Alleged NSA Leaker Reality Winner Has Been Denied Bail

Combination photo showing Reality Winner, the U.S. intelligence contractor charged with leaking classified National Security Agency material is seen in these undated booking photos in Lincolnton, Georgia, U.S., received June 8, 2017. Lincoln County, Georgia, Sheriff's Office/Handout via REUTERS

Reuters: U.S. intelligence contractor pleads not guilty to leaking charge

A U.S. intelligence contractor accused of illegally leaking a classified report on Russian interference in U.S. elections to a media outlet pleaded not guilty on Thursday to an espionage offense, and a federal judge denied her request for bail.

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, is accused of passing the top secret National Security Agency report to The Intercept last month while working with Pluribus International Corp, which provides analytical services for U.S. defense and intelligence.

Winner was charged in a federal grand jury indictment on Wednesday with a single count of willful retention and transmission of national defense information, a felony offense under the Espionage and Censorship Act that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

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WNU editor: She distinguished herself in the Air Force .... Air Force commended Reality Winner for taking out enemy combatants ( As for her case .... she is probably going to serve some time.

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Aizino Smith said...

Don't know if the full weight of her circumstances have fallen on her.

But she does not look happy. Resigned?

I had a beagle looking dog that a neighbor convinced a sibling to adopt. The neighbor would cooks meals for this street mutt. It was a smart dog. It was a very smart dog.

Still after we moved and got somewhere where there were trees, I was able to literally tree the dog. The dog was an excellent rat catcher and killer. So I would get it excited about catching rats and the dog would run up the tree. When it got to the end of a 'walkable' branch it would stop and have a sorrowful look of "You did it again".

Reality Winner is a smart person. The media and DemoKKKrat party got her so worked up that she did something not smart.