Saturday, June 3, 2017

Terror Attack In London. At Least 7 Dead. 20+ Wounded

Daily Mail:Two Jihadi terrorists are on the run after three are gunned down: Gang of five knifemen kill seven and hurt 20 after mowing down revellers in van and then going on stabbing frenzy at nearby bars

* The men, described as being 'of Mediterranean origin', reportedly drove the van at 50mph across the bridge
* One horrified woman said she saw three people with what appeared to be their throats cut at London Bridge
* The gang had metal canisters strapped to their chests and two were reportedly shot dead by armed police
* They also tried to storm into pub in nearby Borough Market, where a man was reportedly stabbed five times
* Also unconfirmed reports of gunfire on Southwark Street amid the 'utter chaos' of attack on Saturday night
* A bomb squad has attended and boats are searching the Thames amid reports people were pushed in water

Five jihadi terrorists shouting 'this is for Allah' have reportedly killed seven people and left dozens injured in a horrific rampage around two locations in central London.

The men, described as being 'of Mediterranean origin', mowed down up to 20 people with a white van hurtling across London Bridge at 50mph on Saturday night.

One person has been killed at London Bridge - and one of the casualties is reportedly a police officer. At least 20 people have been taken to six hospitals across London.

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WNU Editor: The eyewitness reports are now flooding in .... Hero taxi driver reveals how he tried to knock down three men 'armed with 12in knives' as they went on a stabbing rampage in London after running over up to 20 people with a white van (Daily Mail).

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blogger on said...

Horrible thing this terror. People in UK should act now hard.

fazman said...

And yet the west still rolls out the welcome mat

That bruce willis movie a"the seige" somehow doesnt seem so far fetched anymore.
A main landmark like london bridge wasnt guarded by troops ?

Aizino Smith said...

Theresa May or Tony Blair, Tory or Labor, it does not matter.

The establishment will have its vengeance on the little people.

They will continue immigration apace.

I hope Theresa May loses the election, but the likely winner would be Labor.

UKIP while making gains is still a 20% to 40% party.

The total asswipes in the establishment will say only a small percentage of immigrants are terrorists or future terrorists. Yet already they cannot follow the suspects already in country. Yet the asswipes want to bring more in.

Anonymous said...

You are a very consistent idiot arnt you? Every comment of yours lacks any sense.

The root problem isn't immigration. It's what makes people turn to terrorism.

Attacking mid-east nations contributes massively towards creating terrorists as well as funding the extremists in Syria for the sake of regime change.

And that's exactly what Jeremy corbyn wants to stop. He wants to stop these fundings and the attacking of mid East nations. By doing this he will help stop terrorism at its root.

So shocking how dumb we are these days.

Aizino Smith said...

Leftist Anon,

You are a consistent idiot.

The root cause is Islam.

& don't say poverty.

Zawahiri and Osama were middle class and rich, respectively.

My spouse lived in a mud hut without running water. You don't see their kind blowing shit up.

You cannot read the Quran honestly.

Aizino Smith said...

Attacking mid-east nations ... blah, blah, blah

Iraq attacked Kuwait.

After 911 they were attacked for

- violating the ceasefire ad infinitum

- Supporting terrorists


Anonymous said...

You are the idiot, I live in Sweden and the Muslims have totally destroyed this country. We have the highest rate of rape per capita in the whole western world and despite enormous investments the unemployment rate for the Muslims is incredibly high.

Anonymous said...

No, Iraq was attacked for oil you moron, that fact that you don't even know the basics shows there's no point arguing with you. And you didn't even say anything directly against the point I made in my last comment.

Not gonna reply from this point on.

But what I will say is that: the elites adore ignorant people like you. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

So, erm, what's your point?

The US has one of the most highest rape per capita (per 100,000) in the world and there's not that many Muslims there.

Please make a more intelligent comment that contributes to the argument.

Anonymous said...

Dear moron, The US has 27.5 rapes per 100 000 citizens while Sweden has 63.5. This is despite that the willingness to report has gone Down later years. Also it is extremly common with rapes committed by Muslim men against ethnic swedish girls. I have never heard of a single case where a swedish man has raped a Muslim woman

Aizino Smith said...

Iraq was attacked because

- It violated the cease fire.

(The oil went to China. The U.S. held am open & transparent bidding process. American oil companies did not get a large share or even perhaps any share of the oil. Oil tends to go to the closest point of demand due to transportation costs. America gets (things have changed since Venezuela has become a complete socialist shithole) it oil from overseas mainly form Africa and Venezuela.)

- After 911 America was going to attack any terror supporting nation. Iraq was a the top of the list after Afghanistan. I myself stayed at a terror training camp in Iraq after we flushed the terrorists out.

But you go believing it was for oil.