Sunday, June 18, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Popular Western Resort Complex In The Capital Of Mali Under Attack By Suspected Jihadists

An attack is under way at a resort on the edge of the Malian capital Bamako

AFP: Suspected jihadists attack tourist resort in Mali capital

Suspected jihadists stormed a tourist resort popular with Westerners outside the Malian capital Bamako on Sunday, the country's security ministry said.

Security forces were battling the attackers at the Kangaba resort after the assault, with nearby residents reporting hearing shots while smoke billowed into the air, with at least one building ablaze.

"There is an attack by presumed jihadists on the Kangaba camp," a security ministry official said, requesting anonymity.

The official confirmed that Malian special forces, backed up by French and UN soldiers, "have sealed off the area and are in the process of organising operations" against the attackers.

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Aizino Smith said...

What is Leftist Anon, Young Communist, Fred, & Jabber to do?

All these Black Africans being attacked by Good Arab Muslims.

To be sure Africans will be harmed if tourism goes down. Some also were killed indiscriminately in the attack.

Poor Leftists cannot get a break from the Bad Headlines.

Jay Farquharson said...

Was that you in the back of the Finstery Park van?

Of course not, you would have had to actually do something.


Maybe you can join Nug on his"Cowards Tour" 2017.

Andrew Jackson said...

Canadia,fake country. Jay,scum like you will be lamppost decorations soon enough,LMFAO!