Thursday, June 1, 2017

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Is A 'Person Of Interest' In FBI Investigation Into Trump And Russia

Nigel Farage with President Trump

The Guardian: Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia

Exclusive: FBI interested in former Ukip leader’s ties with people connected to US president and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

Nigel Farage is a “person of interest” in the US counter-intelligence investigation that is looking into possible collusion between the Kremlin and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Guardian has been told.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation said the former Ukip leader had raised the interest of FBI investigators because of his relationships with individuals connected to both the Trump campaign and Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder whom Farage visited in March.

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WNU Editor: A witch-hunt in the works? Nigel Farage has responded .... Nigel Farage says Guardian claims he is a 'person of interest' in FBI's Donald Trump probe are 'complete baloney' and 'hysterical nonsense' (The Telegraph).

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D.Plowman said...

Farage is a plonker. A muppet.

But a person of interest?

Ha! What a laugh... FBI are really stretching it now.

B.Poster said...

They have indeed stretching it. Unfortunately this is how the American injustice system often operates now. Fortunately many Americans are beginning to catch on. As such, it will have an effect but will it be enough to get convictions in a kangaroo court? If enough Americans have caught on, the answer would be no. Since more are catching on, I'm cautiously optimistic that proper justice will indeed be served.

Regardless it does seem clear the mid to long range ramifications of this will be severe. Already a careful diplomatic process with Russia that took months if not years to carefully and painstakingly put together that very likely would have yielded very good fruit perhaps even allowing a pathway to ultimately negotiate an end to Cold War 2 which would have been good for everyone, especially Americans, is now very likely shot to hel!.

Jay Farquharson said...

Farange and UKIP have lengthy "Russian" ties, from loans and funding, to attending the Russian Confrences held for NeoNationalist, White Supremacist and Religious Extremist political parties.

Farange of course, is a BFF of Stone, Bannon, Millar, and other members of the Trump Campaign, Transition Team and Administration.

Trump even suggested to May that Farange be appointed the UK's Ambassador to the US.

D.Plowman said...

So anyone who has russian ties is now public enemy number one?

Come on Jay... this is stretching it, it really is with Farage. He did not even become linked with Trump until late into the election campaign.

Jay Farquharson said...


The FBI's looking at Farange as the possible courier to Assange,

Back in the Soviet day's, the KGB classed their agents in the West in 3 different ways,

Assets, who were directly paid, and engaged in direct action, like Walker,

Fronts, who were political assets, who were covertly funded, who engaged mostly in propaganda efforts like The World Peace Council,

Usefull Idiots, people who assisted Soviet efforts for their own reasons, some benign and worthy like the Sierra Club, some malign, like Joe McCarthy.

UKIP runs off Russian loans and donations,

UKIP and Farange attend Russian Confrences on political action on the Russian dime.

Farange, Bannon, Miller, Flynn and Sessions ties, in some cases, go back almost 3 decades, in other's just a few years.

Plus, it's Farange, if he was/is involved, he'll sing like a Canary.