Sunday, June 18, 2017

Can You Train People To Be Impossible To Kill?

Screenshot via Sheepdog Response

Task & Purpose: Here’s How Tim Kennedy Trains People To Be Impossible To Kill

“That means he’s going to go down the street and throw more acid in the face of little girls. Yeah, I’ve been there. I killed that mother fucker, because we don’t let that happen in our world. All of those little decisions lead up to that moment when you’re going to live or die.”

These are the first words from a sweat-soaked Tim Kennedy in a new video about the Army Green Beret and former UFC fighter’s work with Sheepdog Response, a hybrid combat, firearms, and fitness training team. Their mission? To teach participants to be the hardest person anyone ever tries to kill.

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WNU Editor: This is definitely not a course for someone who wants to be a "snowflake" in life. Just a cultural observation. There is not much that you can tell in the above article's video, but I do know that these courses are incredibly popular in Russia. In Canada where I now live (Montreal, Quebec) .... I have not been able to even find one.


Anonymous said...

I think the question is, can you train someone to the point where their death would be an unbearable financial loss. Where maintenance and operational fund's where somewhat only limited to what the operator requests. This would require the joint efforts of security services to keep said asset alive and assist them in anyway required. But its all rather redundant unless you are dropping millions of tonnes of laser or unguided munitions on deep targets.

I believe creating paratrooper units and allocating resources to more men, less training and larger scope of work would be better suited to this role. Men die, in more ways then none.

James said...

Surprise can defeat anything.

Anonymous said...

I believe it should say, can we equip people to be impossible to die.

TWN said...

Impossible to kill, no such thing, harder to kill is more like it.