Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Canada To Boost Its Military Budget By 70% Over The Next Decade

CBC: More soldiers, ships and planes for military in Liberal defence plan

Long-range plan calls for a boost in spending and a larger contingent of regular and reservist troops.

The Liberal government's new defence policy lays out a plan to increase the defence budget by 70 per cent over the next decade to $32.7 billion.

It is a mixture of new and previously committed money.

The long-anticipated review calls for a slight increase in the size of the military — both regular and reserve forces.

There will also be a modest increase in the size of the special forces.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced details of the plan during a news conference Wednesday in Ottawa.

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Anonymous said...

Before WW2 Canada had virtually no military to protect its interests. Canada is in the same sorry state now. There are a lot of nasty people out there. Time to grow up and protect what is a superb nation.

The U.S. is sure as heck not going to be there for you.

TWN said...

Trump must have laid down the law. They must be pissed, hope they don't screw this up, no, they will screw it up.