Saturday, June 10, 2017

China Continues To Militarise The South China Sea

China has equipped its artificial islands in the South China Sea with 24 hangars, runways, communications equipment, fixed-weapon positions and a barracks (pictured in 2016)

Popular Mechanics: China Breaks Promise, Starts Arming Its Fake "Islands"

Beijing had said it would not militarize islands made of landfill.

China is no long making more artificial islands to bolster its territorial claims in the South China Sea—it has moved on to developing them, adding aircraft hangars, communications equipment, and weapons positions. That's one conclusion of the Pentagon's annual report on the Chinese military, and it's a finding that contradicts Chinese leader Xi Jinping's pledge to not militarize the contested region, which is also claimed by many of China's neighbors.

In 2009, Beijing set off alarm bells by circulating a map in which it appeared to claim up to 90 percent of the South China Sea. The territorial claim intruded on competing claims by neighbors including Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, and Malaysia. Starting in 2014, China began using dredging equipment to expand existing reefs and shoals in the region into full-fledged "islands," adding 2,300 acres of new "land" to the Spratly Islands.

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