Saturday, June 17, 2017

Combat Drones Are Being Designed To Fly Alongside Fighter Jets

Pictured is an artistic impression of what the XQ-222 Valkyrie will look like. The smart drone has a range of more than 4,000 nautical miles

Daily Mail: The Pentagon is developing an army of robotic drones able to fly alongside fighter jets at speeds of 700mph

* Two classes of drone designed to be airborne wingmen have been unveiled
* Unpiloted drones use artificial intelligence to copy the movements of planes
* Experts claim the speed of the drones lets them to fly in tandem with F-16 jets
* Drones are still in testing phase but could be used as a first line of air defence

The Pentagon may soon unleash an army of robotic drones that are fast and smart enough to fly alongside fighter planes.

Two classes of drone designed to act as airborne wingmen in aerial missions have been unveiled by a Pentagon-backed startup in the Silicon Valley.

Though still in the testing phase, the drones could one day be used to protect human life by absorbing the first wave of an aerial attack.

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James said...

I don't think anyone knows what they'll be like > in ten years. The only thing you can say for sure about them is that barring an unforeseen collapse of society they will be big in war. The real question to ask is will they capture warfare or will warfare capture them. My view is barring AI warfare dominates drones, with AI drones dominate and change warfare into something never seen.