Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I Am Seeing President Obama Right Now

WNU Editor: I (and a few thousand others) are seeing President Obama right now .... No Obama tickets? No problem — how to hear the speech (for free) (Montreal Gazette). You can also watch it here .... WATCH LIVE: Barack Obama speech in Montreal (CTV).

And for those who need their hourly WNU fix .... do not worry .... I have already lined up my posts for the next few hours and they will be popping up each hour.

Update: LIVE BLOG: Mic drops or soaring rhetoric? Expectations high ahead of Obama's Montreal speech (CBC).

Update #2: No .... I did not buy the tickets. The GF bought them as a present to me ?!?!?!?! But I have to give her credit .... they are excellent tickets, and I am going to be very close to the stage. My scalper friend wanted to give me $500 per ticket last night. To say that I was tempted is an understatement .... but the GF would kill me if I did sell them .... darn .... :(


Anonymous said...

Didn't he used to be someone important?

fred lapides said...

Yes but never anonymous

Aizino Smith said...

Poor WNU.

Now he needs mind bleach after seeing Obama.

It should be covered by insurance.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jay was there begging to Kiss his Feet!!

Alex said...

Obama was a pretty good president and a very good speaker. Should be a good listen.

Nick Sebastian said...

What exactly did he accomplish?

War News Updates Editor said...

I have lost count over the years on how many speeches I have seen and heard. And as to what is a good speech .... that is completely subjective.

For me .... a good speech is when I learn something new .... and what I learned from that speech (or a part of that speech) will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I think that is why I like to hear a Nobel Laureate give a speech. I always learned something new .... and it is always memorable.

The best speech that I ever heard came from Linus Pauling, and it was in the Q&A. Someone asked him what was his secret in enjoying a long life, and his answer was that he was always continually changing projects every 5 years. He always needed something new to stay young and sharp. That approach towards life is what I have been doing for the past 15 years .... and I can say without hesitation that he was/is right.

Worst speech .... that is an easy one .... Bill Clinton .... he just talked about himself for an hour and a half.

As for President Obama's speech today .... nothing special. It was interesting to see him .... and how he delivers a speech. But if I learned anything, it is that he is very dependent on his teleprompters.

Aizino Smith said...

"But if I learned anything, it is that he is very dependent on his teleprompters."

An empty vessel that the Left pours in all its hope.