Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Is Putin The Symbol of Russian Power?

Bloomberg: Macho Putin in Driver’s Seat as He Takes Oliver Stone for a Ride

* Director quizzes president on U.S., Snowden in four-part film
* Putin says he’s ‘not a woman, so I don’t have bad days’

He could be just another Moscow commuter driving home from the office. Except that’s President Vladimir Putin behind the wheel as filmmaker Oliver Stone quizzes him on the fugitive Edward Snowden in a scene from his new documentary on the Russian leader.

The unusually smooth car journey through Moscow’s normally traffic-clogged streets isn’t the only strange moment in The Putin Interviews, the Oscar-winning director’s four-part documentary. While Putin expounds on favorite subjects including U.S. geopolitical overreach, he’s also shown staring stone-faced at the classic Cold War doomsday satire Dr. Strangelove. He explained that he never has an off day as president because he’s a man.

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WNU Editor: Oliver Stone is certainly pulling all the stops to plug his new mini-series documentary on Russian President Putin .... see link is here. As to what is my take on this Russian PR offensive with the West .... Putin is doing it more for his audience in Russia than for anyone in the West. It is his way of showing Russians that he has no problem in engaging with the Western media .... even though in my opinion Oliver Stone and Megyn Kelly are not exactly what I would call hard core journalists.

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Anonymous said...

Oliver Stone has released so many US critical documentaries it's easy to talk to him... and Megyn.. he's a guy after all ;)