Saturday, June 10, 2017

James Comey Set To Sign $10 Million Book Deal

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Lordy! James Comey set for $10 million payday as publishers scramble to sign book deal with fired FBI chief for inside story on Hillary, Trump - and his own brush with death by a serial rapist

* Comey's going to have the biggest Washington golden parachute ever, says one literary agent who already has the green light on a $10 million advance
* 'Jim Comey's explosive story makes 'West Wing' and 'House of Cards' on a par with Mister Rogers,' an acquisition editor for a major New York publishing house tells
* While he can't reveal classified information, he has yet to tell his own story behind Hillary email investigation, his dealings with Trump and his life
* When he was 16, Comey and his younger brother Peter were victims of a gunman who invaded the Comey home in suburban New Jersey
* Comey has proven his writing ability - at the College of William & Mary in 1980 he wrote a much praised three-part series for the campus paper, The Fat Hat

When California Senator Kamala Harris thanked fired FBI director James Comey for testifying as a 'private citizen' in the Senate intelligence hearing into Russian interference yesterday, his response was, 'I'm between opportunities right now.'

It was a joking reference to being out of work since Presidential Trump told him, 'You're fired!'.

When Harris responded, 'I'm sure you'll have decent opportunities [in the future'], she didn't know how right she was.

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WNU editor: One thing that I have always admired about the political elites in the West is how they take care of their own. Unlike anywhere else in the world .... someone like James Comey .... after he admitted he was responsible for leaking material to the press .... would be ostracised  and facing serious legal consequences .... or worse. But in the U.S. .... he gets a $10 million deal (payoff?) to push a book that only the people in Washington would buy to read .... and is applauded for doing so.


Anonymous said...

The reason why the elite has such camaraderie in the west is because they are so hated by the ordinary people. And they would not dare to make so bad choices for their own people (mass imigrarion, the destruction of their own culture, islamisation of society) if they did not have a fall back plan. So when you have politicians like we have in the west, you must have special treatment for people like Comey to make it work.

fred lapides said...

Those who often refer to The Eliktes are usually thosw with not much education. Fact: Comey did NOTHINGH illegal. He did not leak any classified materials and when he tipped off his friend, he was no longer a govt employee. Thus he ought not be charged, as above, with having done something illegal. If you think otherwise, tell me what law he broke.

War News Updates Editor said...

I am not saying that he did anything illegal .... I am not a lawyer nor do I pretend to be one. I am just saying that I am impressed on how the political establish/elites in the West take care of their own. I know people who have had a far more interesting life than Comey .... but a $10 million dollar book deal (or more) .... they will never get that.

fred lapides said...

ok. Book deals go to anyone figure who reachers celebrirty status for whatever reason, be it good or bad. It seems the public need to share in this celebrity by nosing about for even more details. As for what Comey had done, THIS claifies its legality

Anonymous said...

If your country does not have very differect laws than mine (In Sweden as a goverment employe you are not allowed to run around screaming about national security matters even if you have been fired some months ago). It is because you have learnt the secrete matters because of your position (and as FBI director I can guess you get to know extremly much stuff that is secret but very important for national security ).

I think in Sweden you must keep quiet in for example 30 years even if you are no longer part of the military.

I think and I hope you are wrong in saying that you are allowed to leak secrets that are vitalfor national security in the US just because you have left your employment.

War News Updates Editor said...

Timothy Edgar and Susan Hennessey at Lawfare are saying that Mr. Comey did nothing wrong in leaking his memos of his private conversations with the US President to the press. OK .... as I said .... I am not a lawyer. But I do know that the U.S. has laws that when people in national security are out of office (of which Comey was a part of it) and they want to write a book or do a speech .... it must be OK'd by the proper agencies. Is Mr. Comey exempted from these rules .... I doubt it. And their are serious legal consequences if you do not respect those guidelines

Another part of the Lawfare article that I find amusing .... is their argument that President Trump committed a criminal offence for obstructing justice. As I said .... I am not a lawyer .... but I do know that as head of the executive, President Trump has a lot of authority here. That is why when President Obama ordered law enforcement to stop enforcing the law in deporting the Dreamers .... a perfect case of the President obstructing justice if there ever was one .... no one raised is as a legal issue because the President has this authority. The dispute with President Obama was political .... as it is now the case with President Trump, but the opponents are claiming that this is a legal issue..

fred lapides said...

The president and others in various offices can tell law officials to cool it from time to time on this or that issue, ie, weed arrests, dreamers, etc. My point earlier is that Trump's lawyer said he was going to charge Comey with a legal violation. The Lawfare article claims there had been no legal violation. I can not speak about Swedish law, though I had at one time owned a SAAB and also a Volvo.

Anonymous said...

As a lawyer by profession I can tell you one trade secret, you can almost not find two lawyers that look on a legal problem the same way. That is also the charm with the profesion. It is not like math where one plus one is two. In legal battles so much depends on the lawyer's skill and performance.

War News Updates Editor said...

Anon. As one who has a lot of experience with lawyers .... I agree.

Aizino Smith said...

Lawfare is a liberal blog.

Of course they would exonerate Comey.

Lawfare is a blog dedicated to national security issues, published by the Lawfare Institute in cooperation with the Brookings Institution

Aizino Smith said...

"That is also the charm with the profesion. It is not like math where one plus one is two. In legal battles so much depends on the lawyer's skill and performance. "

Seems like BS to me. I thought the concept of "Dr. Theopolis " condemning Buck Rogers to death was BS too.

Justice is based on charisma?

In that case Hillary should be wearing orange.