Monday, June 5, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 5, 2017

Al Jazeera: US military: No plans to change our posture in Qatar

US Central Command says its flights out of Al-Udeid airbase in Qatar will be unaffected by the Gulf diplomatic crisis.

The US military on Monday lauded Qatar for its "enduring commitment to regional security" and said US flights out of Al-Udeid airbase in Qatar were unaffected by the Gulf diplomatic crisis.

"We've seen no impact to our operations and all flights continue as planned," Lieutenant Colonel Damien Pickart, a spokesman at US Air Forces Central Command, told Reuters.

"The United States and the [anti-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, US-led] coalition are grateful to the Qataris for their longstanding support of our presence and their enduring commitment to regional security."

The US military's Central Command also said that it has "no plans to change our posture in Qatar".

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 5, 2017

Qatar hosts largest US military base in Mideast -- CNN

US Middle East Strategy May Rest On Qatar Relations, But Saudi Arabia Isn't Too Happy About It -- Newsweek

U.S. State Department approves $750 million Saudi training program sale -- Reuters

Pentagon plan to track weapons provided to Syrian forces is problematic, experts say -- Washington Post

India fears Chinese encirclement, citing 'overwhelming' Sino presence in South Asia -- ABC News Online

With combat duties in Indian Army, women soldiers may storm a male citadel -- Hindustan Times

Global allies call for continued US patrols in South China Sea -- Defense News

Russian missile cruiser Varyag makes historic port call in Hong Kong (VIDEO, PHOTOS) -- RT

Turkey upholds Incirlik airbase ban for German lawmakers -- DW

Germany set to quit Turkey's Incirlik airbase amid row -- BBC

Jordanian soldier charged with killing 3 US soldiers -- CNN

Montenegro officially joins NATO -- The Hill

Montenegro officially joins NATO despite internal opposition -- RT

US defense leaders offer Asia reassurances in age of Trump -- The Hill

U.S. Army Pacific Chief in Bangkok Amid Regional Security Concerns -- US News and World Report/Reuters

Government rejects Glock protest; Army's new handgun will be a Sig Sauer -- Army Times

What The Army’s Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Needs To Be Successful -- Task & Purpose

The military has a wish list for Congress -- and it's more than $31 billion long -- CNN

US Navy unfunded requirements list totals $4.8 billion -- Defense News

New Air Force head calls for end to defense budget caps -- Defense News

Air Force wants 14 more F-35s in latest wish list -- The Hill

Marine Corps wish list: $877M for six extra F-35 fighters -- The Hill

High-Tech Airborne Gear Networks Paratroopers -- Scout Warrior

Army electronic warfare technology attacks and disables tank -- Defense Systems

Experts to Trump: climate change threatens the US military -- VOX

Trump’s Support Drops in Military Communities -- NBC

Most top Pentagon jobs still empty as Trump insists on loyalty -- McClatchy News

CIA Hunts for Mole Who Caused Major Intelligence Breach -- In Homeland Security

Battle of Midway’s lessons reach far beyond strategy -- Anthony J. Principi, Military Times

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