Wednesday, June 7, 2017

North Korea Fires Multiple Anti-Ship Missiles As South Korea Delays The Deployment Of THAAD

Washington Post: N. Korea launches another salvo of missiles, defying international condemnation

TOKYO – North Korea fired another salvo of missiles Thursday morning, keeping up the relentless pace of testing as it advances toward its goal of producing an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the mainland United States.

The latest barrage comes after three launches in May, and means Kim Jong Un has now ordered almost as many missile launches this year alone as his father oversaw — 16 — during 17 years in power.

It was not immediately clear how many missiles were fired Thursday or what type they were, but they appeared to be anti-ship missiles rather than the ballistic missiles North Korea had been testing recently.

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WNU Editor: Talk about timing. This morning the South Korean government decided to do this .... South Korea Suspends Deployment Of U.S. Missile Defense System Pending An 'Environmental Review' .... a few hours later North Korea responds with this missile salvo. Is North Korea sending a message .... you betcha. The question that needs to be asked now (from the U.S. point of view) .... is what to do next. South Koreans .... for as long as I can remember .... have always wanted to chart an independent course away from the U.S.. Maybe now is the time for the U.S. to take up that offer .... and diminish their presence in South Korea. Will South Korea be better off with the U.S. gone .... from a security point of view definitely not .... but it is their country.

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Anonymous said...

Clear indication that it is time to bring the U.S. troops home.

fazman said...

Does s korea have enough firepower to destroy Nth Korea on its own? Yep!, bring u.s troops home and wish them luck.

Anonymous said...

Time for the world to defend itself from Russian and Chinese expansionism. South Korea needs an environmental impact statement for a defensive missile site? Time to book your ticket home. Best of luck with you friends up North.