Sunday, June 18, 2017

Philippine Forces Continue To Battle Islamic State Militants For The Town Of Marawi

Straits Times/AFP: Philippine troops pound ISIS-linked militants in Marawi as death toll passes 300

MARAWI (AFP) - Philippine troops pounded Muslim militants holding parts of southern Marawi city with air strikes and artillery Saturday (June 17) as more soldiers were deployed and the death toll rose to more than 300 after nearly a month of fighting.

Fires erupted and dark plumes of smoke rose from enclaves still occupied by the militants as the air force staged bombing runs to support ground troops struggling to dislodge the fighters from entrenched positions, AFP journalists at the scene said.

MG520 attack helicopters and FA50 fighter jets were used in the raids, while sustained bursts of automatic gunfire could be heard in the distance, indicating the intensity of the fighting.

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WNU Editor: There is now talk of a truce .... Gov‘t eyes truce with communist rebels amid Marawi siege (

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