Saturday, June 17, 2017

President Trump Officially Declares His Wealth

Daily Mail: Hundreds of millions of dollars from hotels, golf courses and resorts, a vast property empire - and The Art of The Deal is making a fortune again: Trump officially declares his billions but NOT his taxes

* Two years to the day since he announced he was running for president, Trump voluntarily declares vast income - a total of $635,387,903 in just ONE YEAR
* He declared assets worth AT LEAST $2.27 BILLION - $2,279,040,000 and the figure could be higher as many are listed as more than $50 million
* Official declaration to the Office of Government Ethics did not have to be published until May 2018
* 98 page form shows how his hotels, resorts and golf clubs - including ones he has used since joining the White House - are making huge amounts of cash
* He quit 565 separate company appointments when he assumed office, many of them relating to business abroad
* Melania's income was zero for the year declared but she has up to $5 million in New York real estate
* Trump declared borrowing in mortgages of at least $500 million on a series of properties - including two on Trump National Doral and two on Trump Park Avenue
* He said his triplex penthouse at the top of Trump Tower was worth at least $50 million

President Trump outlined his vast wealth in a 98-page official declaration published late Friday afternoon - presenting an eye-popping list of assets and income which makes him by far the wealthiest man in politics.

His income alone in the year to April 2017 was up to $635,387,903. used the upper amount he declared, as many of the incomes are in bands.

And he declared assets which totaled at least $2,279,040,000 in value. Many were declared as above $50 million and the form has no requirement to be more precise.

But it said nothing about how much tax he paid, despite months of calls for him to come clean on how much - or little - he handed over to the IRS.

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WNU Editor: He is worth far more than what I had thought. And as for his real estate holdings .... IMHO .... they are being undervalued.I would definitely like to know what is in his tax form .... but on the campaign trail he was very clear that he was going to keep that private. I hope that with time he will change his opinion. On a side note ... I may have missed it but I did not see his plane on the form.

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D.Plowman said...

I find this amusing...

Anonymous said...

Trump didn't say he was going to keep his taxes private. He lied when he said he would disclose his taxes after an audit and after the election. He now says because of the election he need not disclose his tax return.