Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Remembering D-Day 73 Years Later

Peter Harris, National Interest: Why D-Day Still Matters

Perhaps the greatest lesson of D-Day, then, is this: that both human flourishing and human suffering are critically dependent upon power-politics. Power is not just a tool of state survival. It is the foundation of almost all social structure, shaping what goes on inside states as much as what occurs between them. Today, as power in the international system becomes increasingly diffused, the implications of this lesson are legion.

The media is awash with commentary on and analysis of the Normandy landings. Overwhelmingly, the events of 70 years ago are portrayed as a veritable milestone in world history; a triumph of freedom and democracy over forces of repression and dictatorship.

This is rightly so. The D-day landings were a decisive turning point in World War II. They could easily have failed. If they had, writes Rick Atkinson, the “entire Allied enterprise faced abject collapse.” Hope of victory in World War II would have been postponed if not lost entirely. It is thus appropriate—and incredibly important—that the landings are remembered for being momentous.

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Remembering D-Day 73 Years Later

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Jay Farquharson said...

Origional footage of the DDay Landings, compiled and narrated for Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, to brief them on the landings, classified top secret,

That was misfiled in the US Archives for the last 75 years, has been found.


War News Updates Editor said...

Jay. Thank you for the link.