Thursday, June 15, 2017

Russia Raises Concerns Over The U.S. Deployment Of An Artillery Rocket System In Syria

The M142 high-mobility artillery rocket system is a U.S. light multiple-rocket launcher mounted on a standard army medium-tactical-vehicle truck frame.

RFE: Russia Accuses U.S. Of Deploying Missiles In Syria

Russia has accused the U.S.-led coalition of deploying missiles against Syrian government troops at a base in the east of the country where rebels fighting the Islamic State (IS) group are being trained.

In a June 15 statement, the Defense Ministry said that the "United States has moved two HIMARS multiple rocket launchers from Jordan to the Al-Tanaf U.S. special forces base," suggesting that the equipment would be used for strikes against Syrian government forces.

HIMARS stands for high-mobility artillery rocket system.

"Deploying any type of foreign weapons on Syrian territory...must be approved by the government of the sovereign country," the statement said.

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