Friday, June 2, 2017

Russian President Putin Meets Megyn Kelly

Newsweek: Putin: Russia Being Persecuted Like Jews, Megyn Kelly Needs a 'Pill' for Her Hysteria (Newsweek)

While Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in a humorous mood on his second day at St. Petersburg’s economic forum, the mood soured as questions from American journalist Megyn Kelly turned to the subject of the U.S. election and Russia’s alleged role in it.

He started his exchange with Kelly, who was moderating a panel of world leaders, cracking frequent jokes, notably remarking that with Donald Trump axing U.S. participation in the climate change deal, Russia had “American imperialism” to thank for the frosty summer in Moscow and Petersburg.

Putin wrapped up his initial response to Trump’s exit from the Paris agreement with the English phrase “Don’t worry, be happy.”

When Kelly asked if he would join European leaders in their condemnation of Trump’s decision on the deal, Putin forced another chuckle from the crowd when he remarked that he is not regarded as a European leader.

“In any case, they don’t think so,” Putin said, referring to the EU bloc, with which Moscow has had a frosty relationship since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

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WNU Editor: LOL. He (Putin) did not expect this. He should have called President Trump to get his take on who Megyn Kelly is.

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