Saturday, June 3, 2017

Russian President Putin On President Trump's Decision To Leave The Paris Climate Accord -- 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'

RT: Putin on Paris climate change agreement: ‘Don’t worry, be happy’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for calm in the wake of Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement, joking that any bad weather encountered around the globe could now be blamed on ‘American imperialism’.

Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the Russian president said the panic surrounding Trump’s decision has been blown way out of proportion, noting that there is still time before the agreement, which was signed in 2015, goes into effect.

"Don't worry, be happy," Putin said in English.

“This agreement [the Paris Agreement on climate change] has not yet even come in effect. It will come into effect in 2021. So we still have time. If we all work constructively, we can agree on something,” he said.

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WNU Editor: I know in the official statements the Kremlin is saying that they will follow the Paris accord agreement on climate change .... but I also know that Russian President Putin has always been very sceptical on the science behind climate change .... even voicing a few times that he hopes that global warming is real because it would make the Russian winters more tolerable.

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RussInSoCal said...

Aside - check out Megyn Kelly's outfit choice for the Putin interview. :)

War News Updates Editor said...

Yes RussInSoCal .... I definitely know.
Russian social media has gone viral over this, and I am actually preparing a post on it. But thanks for the link, it is the best one that I have seen so far.