Friday, June 16, 2017

South Korean Intelligence: Kim Jong-un Nervous About Assassination

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (Yonhap)

Korea Herald: Kim Jong-un nervous about assassination: NIS

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un seems to feel “extremely nervous” about the allies’ possible clandestine operation to eliminate him, South Korea’s intelligence agency told lawmakers Thursday.

Due to concerns over potential airstrikes and assassination attempts, the young tyrant prefers to move at dawn and uses his subordinates’ cars, such as a Lexus car, not his own Mercedes-Benz 600, the National Intelligence Services told a closed-door parliamentary session, according to Rep. Lee Cheol-woo of the main opposition Liberty Party of Korea, who attended the meeting.

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WNU editor: DUH!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope they get him with a bullet that has WARMBIER engraved in it.. or maybe they smear the same thing in his face that his half-brother had to die off.. or maybe they shoot him with a flak gun... all those things I would pay for with my taxes, gladly.. this guy caused so much misery for his own people and others, he should be a goner if there's any justice in this world