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Terror Attack In London -- News Updates June 4, 2017

Daily Mail: Armed police arrest 12 at East London tower block in connection with terror attack that killed seven and injured nearly 50 as officers pore over scene at London Bridge and Borough Market for clues

* Twelve people were arrested at a block of flats in Barking, east London, in connection with last night's attack
* Armed police placed the complex on lock down and several men were pictured handcuffed on the ground
* One of the three terrorists responsible for last night's attack is believed to have lived in a ground-floor flat
* Police officers and forensic teams have arrived at London Bridge and Borough Market to scour for clues
* Theresa May said at No 10 today that the atrocity was not linked to the Manchester or Westminster attacks
* Seven people were killed and 48 others were injured in the van and kinfe rampage in central London last night

Twelve people have been arrested in connection with the London Bridge terror attack as police continue to scour the scene for clues in the aftermath of the atrocity.

Heavily armed police stormed the Elizabeth Fry flats in Barking, east London, where one of the terrorists is believed to have lived in a ground-floor flat.

The complex was placed on lock down before several men were taken outside, where they were made to lie face down on the ground with their hands cuffed behind their backs.

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Live Updates On Today's Terror Attack In London

The Latest: 12 people arrested over London attack -- AP
London Bridge attack: police make 12 arrests in Barking as death toll rises to seven - live updates -- The Guardian
Latest updates: London Terror Attack -- BBC
Live London terror attack: London Bridge, Borough Market -- The Telegraph
London terror attack live updates: Seven killed in London Bridge and Borough Market before armed police shoot three suspects dead -- The Independent
LIVE: Latest on 'terrorist' attack in London -- France 24
3 attackers shot dead after killing 7, injuring at least 48 in London Bridge terrorist attack Live updates -- RT

Terror Attack In London -- News Updates June 4, 2017

London Bridge attacks: 12 arrested by police after Barking raids -- The Independent
Metropolitan Police arrest 12 in connection with London Bridge attack, investigation 'progressing rapidly' -- CNBC
Police raid flat of one of London Bridge attackers: Sky News -- SKY News
London attack death toll rises to seven, incident under control: police chief -- Reuters
London attackers kill seven, PM May says 'enough is enough' -- Reuters
Terrifying moment three Jihadis were shot dead after killing seven and hurting 48: Gang yell 'This is for Allah' after mowing down crowd on London Bridge then going on stabbing frenzy -- Daily Mail
London police shoot dead three suspects after rampage kills seven -- The Guardian
Eight minutes of terror: 'Utter chaos' as three jihadis wearing hoax suicide vests to repel police go on knife rampage before being shot dead -- Daily Mail
London Bridge terror attack death toll rises to 7 -- UPI
Terror attacks in London kill several, injure dozens -- DW
London Bridge: Terrorists shot dead, at least seven people killed, dozens injured after van, knife rampage -- ABC News Online
London Bridge: Seven killed in car and stabbing attack -- Al Jazeera
London reels after brutal and deadly attack on civilians -- Al Jazeera
Death toll from London terrorist attacks rises to seven -- TASS
London ambulance says 48 people taken to hospital after London Bridge attack -- Reuters

The Victims And Eyewitness Accounts

'Bit of pain but I'll survive': Australian waitress, 31, stabbed in the THROAT by terrorists in London - as video emerges of another citizen with blood seeping from his neck -- Daily Mail
'Incredibly brave' stabbed police officer fought off attackers armed with just a baton -- The Telegraph
'Stay with me, please, I love you': Bystanders rush to save the lives of injured pedestrians on London Bridge as one woman is heard begging her loved one to 'hold on' while paramedics give CPR -- Daily Mail
'I thought they were going to help, then I saw the knives': Witnesses saw London Bridge attackers mow down innocent people then kick and stab them as they lay helpless -- Daily Mail
'They were running into all the bars and stabbing everyone': Hero threw bottles and chairs at terrorists as they slaughtered innocents around London Bridge -- Daily Mail
‘They stabbed a girl 15 times as she begged for help’: How the London Bridge attack unfolded -- RT
'Evil, evil people': Panic and horror at London Bridge -- Al Jazeera
Australian woman's throat slashed from behind as she ate dinner and man on a date with his girlfriend is left in a coma as French and Spanish tourists are caught up in London Bridge horror -- Daily Mail
London Bridge attack: Witnesses describe confusion, fear after van incident -- ABC News Online
Desperate families beg for information on 'missing' loved ones after the London Bridge terror attack as victims reveal their horror -- Daily Mail
Harrowing dashcam footage reveals trail of devastation on London Bridge with victims laid strewn across the road as people ran for their lives -- Daily Mail
London attack victims: Australian woman and New Zealand man among the injured -- The Telegraph

The Impact On Saturday's Terror Attack In London On The U.K. Election

London Bridge attack: No legal way to delay general election, David Davis says -- The Independent
UK election to go ahead on June 8 despite London attack -- Al Jazeera
Date of Britain's June 8 election probably cannot be changed: minister -- Reuters
UKIP says won't suspend election campaigning after London attack -- Reuters
UK's opposition Labour Party suspends election campaign after London attack -- Reuters
UK Conservative Party halt election campaign after London attack: spokesman -- Reuters
SNP campaign activity suspended after London attacks: spokesman -- Reuters
UK Election Campaigns Suspended for Second Time After London Terror Attacks -- Sputnik

British Prime Minister May's Statement On The London Terror Attack

UK Prime Minister May's statement following London attack -- Reuters
UK leader: Islamic extremism must be contained after attack -- AP
London attack: Theresa May says 'enough is enough' after seven killed -- The Guardian
'Enough is enough - things have to change': May admits there has been 'far too much tolerance of extremism in our country' as she vows to introduce tougher punishments and a new crack down on fanatics -- Daily Mail
UK PM May calls for beefed up terror response after London attack -- Reuters

World Reaction To The Terror Attacks In London

'We are with you, God bless': How the world reacted to the London atrocity -- The Telegraph
Trump offers help as London grapples with attacks -- AFP
Trump condemns London Mayor after terror attack: President blasts Sadiq Khan for saying there's 'no reason to be alarmed' after seven died and ridicules 'politically correct' response -- Daily Mail
The Latest: Trump slams London’s mayor in wake of attacks -- AP
Trump’s ire: London mayor, political correctness on security -- AP
Merkel says Germany stands at Britain's side after London attack -- Reuters
London attack: Macron and Turnbull lead world condemnation -- BBC
London Bridge: World leaders condemn deadly attack -- Al Jazeera
‘Brutal, dreadful, cynical’: World leaders react to London attacks -- RT
Iran says London attacks 'wake up call', urges uprooting terrorism sources -- Reuters
Putin says joint efforts to fight terrorism should be stepped up after London attacks -- Reuters

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