Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Company Behind The Russian Dossier On Trump Does Not Want To Cooperate With Congress

CIRCA: A battle is brewing between the firm behind the salacious Trump dossier and Sen. Grassley

The firm behind the salacious and unsubstantiated Trump dossier is refusing to to cooperate with the Senate Judiciary Committee's request to provide documentation or respond to questions sent from the committee in March about the clients who paid for the dossier that launched the investigation into the administration and its alleged Russian connections.

The Republican Chairman of the committee, Senator Charles Grassley, warned Fusion GPS, the firm that compiled the dossier, in March about its obligation "to provide details on the history of the dossier" including the clients who paid for it.

The committee also wanted information on Christopher Steele, the former British spy who was hired to work on the project and how the FBI came to be involved in the dossier, and if the FBI paid Steele for his work.

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WNU Editor: Even though the ex-British spy who wrote this dossier has now admitted that much of  what he wrote was never verified .... Ex-British Spy Admits That His 'Dirty' Dossier On Trump Was Not Verified (April 26, 2017) .... this dossier is important because Comey himself has stated in testimony that he premised his investigation on the Trump campaign because of this document .... and it is the main reason on why we have been enduring months of Trump - Russia collusion stories and speculation. Why the firm is resistant on revealing who paid for this investigation and report is telling .... the person(s) responsible do not want to be known, and that tells me it could be someone who ran against Trump for the Republican nomination, or probably the Clinton campaign itself. My money is on someone tied to the Clinton campaign .... and they want to protect that person.


jimbrown said...

It's part of the disinformation campaign to connect Trump to Russia. It was used as the casus belli to open the ciafbinsa investigation and shield HRC.It was a gross abuse of the usg resources.

jimbrown said...

Im even more convinced of this abuse after Comey's flippant abuse of his position to thwart Trump.

fred lapides said...

Slow down. Here is a counter arguement about verification

War News Updates Editor said...

The BBC report is March 30, 2017. I actually remembered posting it at the time.

But .....

A month later .... Christopher Steele, the former British spy who wrote the dossier .... set the record straight on April 26, 2017.

Benjamin Goodwin said...

The connection and the speculation between Russia and the Trump campaign started with the hacking of the DNC not with the dossier. The dossier just increased this speculation.

jimbrown said...

Russia HRC disinformation campaign.... Putin played both sides. No surprises.

Aizino Smith said...

fred lapides said...

"Slow down. Here is a counter arguement about verification "

"Trump Russia dossier key claim 'verified'" BBC

"The BBC has learned that US officials "verified" a key claim in a report about Kremlin involvement in Donald Trump's election - that a Russian diplomat in Washington was in fact a spy."


Fred you are precious. You are a rube.

Aizino Smith said...

Another key claim was verified.

The Russian diplomat was of the species Homo sapiens sapiens from the genus homo.

BREAKING! This just in The sky was blue that day and the sun came up. 2 more key claims have been verified.

Jay Farquharson said...

The House and Senate Hearings are right now, just a Dog and Pony Show.

As a British Corporation Fusion GPS, cannot be "compelled" to take part in the Circus, and there is no "win" in PR for them to do so.

They are however, cooperation with the 4 Intelligence/Criminal Investigations ongoing, ( there may be more), into Trump/Russia.

If the Banana Republican's want to know what Fusion GPS is testifying to, all they have to do, is walk their asses down to the House or Senate Secure Rooms, show their ID's and Classified Clearances, sign into the log, sign out the FBI/CIA/NSA/ FICAS file, and read it.

As Sen. Gowdy proved in his Brennan cross, that's something, no Bananna Republican will do at this point in time, as it would establish a clear and FOIA time line of "what they knew" and "when did they know it?".

It would greatly impact their liability, with their continued defence of Trump and thrir attempts to change the focus of the investigation and the hearings.

Obstruction of Justice has brought many a Rep. and Senator down, giving them 3-7 years opportunity to improve their golf game at one of the Club Fed's reserved for America's Affluenza Sufferers.

fred lapides said...

Dear Alonzo

I may not comment what you approve of, and I might be wrong often, but no one who knows me, my background, my credentials has ever been so rude as to call me a "rube." Aside from holding PhD., and working twice in places requiring top secret clearance,and having served in doing intel for the 8th army hq and Gen. Matt Ridgeway in the Korean war, my guess is that I am not exactly what those who have gone to Barnum circuses would call a rube.

Aizino Smith said...

In the U.S. PhDs are easier to come by than prizes in a Crackerjack box.
Hell some colleges like Evergreen State College does not even have grades any more.

Ridgeway got ride of a lot of officer. He got rid of G3.

There was that whole intel problem of not knowing that Chinese armies were not even in country.

How do you miss that rube?

Aizino Smith said...

Must be nice that a 'professional' and I use that term very loosely can send up material that is unsubstantiated.

Wish I could do that.

War News Updates Editor said...

I had to check up what "rube" meant.
Fred. I may disagree with you a lot .... but I always respect your input. And while you do have a habit of making me explain my position better .... I want you to know that I do appreciate that. It makes me work hard to be better in defending my point of view
A rube you are definitely not.

And Aizino .... you have made some great comments over the years. And I always appreciate your input and the time that you have put into it. I have taken the time and effort to read every comment that you have made over the years .... just as much as you have made the effort to make your point of view known. The Jay - Aizino war has become legendary among the readership of this blog .... and you will be very surprised on some of the emails from some of the people I have received over the years on just that. :)

But Fred has helped promote this blog over the years and it is something that I deeply appreciate. Be critical of his ideas and point of view .... you are good at that .... and your satire is also OK. But the personal attack .... between you an I .... we lose people when we do that .... and .... quoting Ronald Reagan .... we need them to keep us in shape when we defend our ideas or points of view.

War News Updates Editor said...

You have more confidence in the U.S. intel community than I do. :)
Yes. I think they already know who financed this dossier .... they just want it on the public record from Fusion GPS without them leaking. I think this is why they have not let this issue die down .... and why I said that my gut tells me that it is someone from the Hillary campaign that paid for it. How such information is made public is sometimes just as important as the information itself.

Aizino Smith said...

War News Updates Editor said...

As I said. Satire. :)

Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

Currently, the House "investigation" has become a joke, when they actually bother to meet.

be more "serious", right now, it's still just "Playing Politics" infront of the cameras. Sen. Gowdy might get to finally get to the bottom of Benghazi.


The real investigations are taking place in the FBI/NSC/CIA/FICS Investigations.

Until after the 2018 midterms, both the House and Senate "investigations" will continue to be a case of "playing politics".

If the Democratic Party takes the House, the House Investigation will turn "serious".

If the Senate Bananna Republicans decide that Trump is more of a liability than an asset, the Senate Investigation will turn serious, as the best way for the Banana Republicans to "wash their hands" and pretend "Trump Who?", is to claim responsibility for his impeachment.

While Trump's poll numbers amongst self identified Republicans hasn't dropped significantly, the numbers of self identified Republican's in the polls has plummeted, and his polling in the Military, always a strong Republican base, is collapsing.

Trump's already registered a 2020 run, and the Trumpster's will ensure he's a formidable candidate for the 2020 Republican Nomination, and Trumpster's ate trying to wedge themselves into positions inside the RNC.

The best way, should the Republican's decide that Trump has become a liability, not an asset, is to "assasinate" him in 2019, and pretend he was never a Republican or true conservative.

Meanwhile, the Investigations will continue, the White House will continue to leak like a sieve, the ACHA, Medicade, Dodd Frank will continue to be gutted. Domestic politics in the US, has much more impact on Politics, than corruption or Foreign Policy.

The next "big thing" coming down the pike is the Debt Limit. Munchin wants a default. The Dems say, "if we're not helping people", we should just stay home. Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, in Britain, May reached an alliance with the Shankhill Road Butchers to try to cling to power. Not gonna work.

Aizino Smith said...

When the House or Senate asks for stuff and Mueller tells them to pack sand, how are they going to investigate?

War News Updates Editor said...

Jay. The debt monster is something this blog has been warning about for years. I lived it when the Soviet Union collapsed. It is an experience that I do not wish on anyone .... and in my opinion it is the biggest threat facing the U.S. today. Accumulating $10 trillion in 8 years, and more frightening in my book .... $4 to $5 trillion from quantitative easing that needs to be flushed through the system. This is not going to end well. That is why I pray that Trump succeeds and the U.S. does achieve 3% - 4% GDP growth .... but no one is interested in doing anything right now. They have their own agendas, and Russia-gate is their diversion to not change the status quo.

The Trump investigation will wrap up after the 2018 Congressional elections. Will something be found that will threaten the Trump Presidency .... maybe .... but I do not see it now.

I mentioned more than once in this blog .... Theresa May's campaign staff must have worked with the opposition. I have seen bad campaigns, but she made the Trump campaign team look like geniuses in comparison. I mean .... who in her (or his) right mind would propose a dementia tax in the middle of a campaign on your most loyal voters. I just cannot make this up. I will be posting more on this tomorrow.

Poll numbers .... they mean nothing now. I posted this 3 days ago ....
President Trump's Approval Rating Is Better Than Bill Clinton's At This Point In His First Term

Jay Farquharson said...

Mueller won't tell them to "pack sand".

Like Brennan told Gowdy, the answers to his questions were classified information, not to be shared in public. Brennan also politely told Gowdy, that if he wanted the answer's to his question, all he, ( Gowdy) had to do, was go to the Senate Secure Reading Room, show his ID and NSC, sign into the log book, then sign out the relevant Classified Reports, that the FBI and Intelligence Community has been forwarding to the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, and reading them.

If Meuller get's "pissy", about the question,

He will ask them if they have read specific reports,

If he get's angry, he will ask, "Why not?"

If he's feeling vindictive, he will point out in that doing so,( logging in and reading the reports) will create a timeline and log of "what they knew" and "when",

If he's in a "fuck off you moron mood", he will tagline that subsequent Senator's behaviour, ( after the timeline and paper trail) in Committee and Hearings, could lead to Collusion and Obstruction of Justice Charges.

Banana Republican's can only pretend to be deaf, dumb and stupid, as long as they never read the reports.

But that's also a "trap". When the Commitee's Investigations cross the "threshold", those playing deaf, dumb and stupid, will start to be asked, why they never, in the course of the Investigation's, they never bothered to read the reports, until then.

Jay Farquharson said...

The Debt Ceiling is a self imposed threshold.

As long as dollar rises and GDP Growth can support more debt, it's not a problem.

The Coming Crisis, is the House and Senate just kicked the can down the road for a few months.

The Trump Budget requires raising the Debt Ceiling, otherwise, no Tax Cuts for Billionaires, no Military Increases.

The Liberty Causus, will never agree to raising the debt ceiling.

Muinchen think's he can get Dem votes by threatening a default, with out offering the Dem's anything in return for their votes.

Team Trump believes that a US Default doesn't mean anything, and won't have any consequences.

The Dem's hold that if all their votes are going to get, is prevent a Trump Economic Collapse, the. They might as well sfay home.

As for the Trump/Russia ending in 2018, LMFAO,

Didn't you say after the election, this would all be over by now?

Instead, it's barely started.

Aizino Smith said...

QE was a handout to the large banks.

They got money for zero and then lent it out. It was free money for the few.

The bailouts bailed out large banks. The result was that in the future they know they will be bailed out again so they do not have to change their modus operandi. It creates a moral hazard.

Giving money to mortgage holders would have reset things and primed the economy much better.

Doubling debt in 8 years is moving up the exponential curve when you were already a ways ALONG the curve. IT is just crazy stupid. But Obama is just crazy stupid. He never did much in college except get patted on his ass like a little kid by his Leftists profs. Where is that potheads grades? We know the grades of Gore, Bush and McCain.

If JabberJay has kids, maybe his grandkids will one day find out the truth about Obama's grades. That he was a knuckledragger. We would have done much better with a pureblooded African, than the white guilt stricken, Leftist, watered down, red diaper doper baby that was foisted off on the nation.

Obama is truly exceptional. He combines the worst traits of the white and black races. ... and then raises that by doubling down.

Jay Farquharson said...