Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Islamic State's Propaganda Machine Has Been Hit Hard By The Deaths Of Its Producers

Daily Mail: ISIS propaganda machine is hit hard by deaths of key leaders and setbacks on the battlefields

* ISIS has lost several of its leading propaganda experts to drone strikes recently
* Experts claim the quality and production values of its videos has declined
* ISIS has lost large areas of territory across both Syria and Iraq in recent weeks
* The terror group has abandoned plans to attack and seize Iraq's capital Baghdad

The ISIS propaganda machine has been dealt a significant blow with the deaths of senior members involved in creating its slick videos.

Western airstrikes have killed senior members of the ISIS propaganda machine, significantly reducing the number of videos published by the organisation.

Also, the production quality of the terror group's videos have been affected as the organisation is defeated on the battlefield.

One recent video featured one-leggd jihadi Abu Shuaib al-Maslawi. He was filmed hopping on his left leg toward the explosives-laden black SUV that he would minutes later plow into a group of Iraqi troops in the northern city of Mosul.

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WNU editor: I have also noticed this decline in ISIS propaganda videos (and quality) since last year when I first posted on this website my wonderment on why the Islamic State's propaganda arm was not a priority target .... A Look At The Islamic State's AMAQ News Agency (March 24, 2017). I spoke too soon .... they were a high priority target, and now many of  ISIS's producers are deservedly dead.

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Aizino Smith said...

I wonder how many of those propagandists were Western converts or 1st or 2nd generation European immigrants.

Glad they are not coming back.