Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Japanese Navy Still Dominates Asia

Name game ... It’s a “helicopter destroyer”, not an aircraft carrier or amphibious assault ship. Japan remains sensitive about its growing military might. Source: USNSource:Supplied

Kyle Mizokami, National Interest: All the Reasons Japan's Mighty Navy Dominates Asia (And Not China)

Japan’s submarine force is another major component of the MSDF. Japan is building up to a force of twenty-two submarines to provide great numbers against a growing Chinese Navy. The fleet will consist of two classes of submarines, the older Oyashio class, and the newer, deadlier Soryu class.

At 4,100 tons submerged, the Soryu submarines are Japan’s largest submarines since the I-400 class of World War II. The subs are equipped with Stirling air independent propulsion systems, capable of powering the submarine silently underwater for up to two weeks, and can make thirteen knots surfaced and twenty knots submerged.

The Soryus are equipped with six 533-millimeter bow-mounted torpedo tubes, with a mix of twenty Type 89 heavyweight homing torpedoes and American-made Sub-Harpoon missiles. They can also lay mines to block the many straits an invasion force would attempt to force.

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WNU Editor: The Chinese navy is what concerns Japan .... Japan's growing concern over China's naval might (Alexander Neill, BBC).


manstien said...

History has taught the world. Japanese sailors are shoulder to shoulder with the best. C

TWN said...

I suspect that these small carriers are Japan putting it's toe back in the water, in carrier development, expect a big flat top at some point in the not to distant future.