Thursday, June 15, 2017

This French Hideaway IsWhere the Putin Family Spends Their Time And Fortune

Time: The Secret French Hideaway Where the Putin Family Spends Its Time and Fortune

Early in 2016, Lorene Weber, a real estate agent in the French town of Biarritz, began getting calls and emails from journalists about a deal she handled in 2012.

She remembered it well. The buyer and the seller had both been wealthy Russians, well-dressed and soft-spoken, not the flashy types who like to park their yachts in the nearby marinas of San Sebastian. Rather than sending their lawyers, the two men had come to handle the deal in person, which suggested to Weber that they had nothing to hide. So the reporters’ questions surprised her: Was she aware, and could she confirm, that this property was linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin?

For almost as long as Putin has been in power, the question of his personal wealth, and that of his friends and family, has been a frequent obsession for investigative journalists. Numerous leaks and whistleblowers have given credence over the years to reports that Putin has access to billions of dollars; the Kremlin has fastidiously denied them all.

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WNU Editor: Russia's business elite prefers the French Riviera and Miami. As to Russia's political elite .... Biarritz in France has been known as a hideaway for  along time. My guess is that it is because it is a short distance away from Bordeaux and its vineyards. :)

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