Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This Is How Iran Fights The Islamic State

Washington Post: How Iran fights the Islamic State

This month, the Islamic State successfully carried out its first attack on Iranian soil, resulting in 17 dead and some 50 injured. Iran is a top target for the Islamic State — and has been since the group rose to prominence in 2014. But Iranian security forces had effectively thwarted the threat through an extensive counterterror program. Iran took pride in keeping the fight against the Islamist militants outside its territory. Until now.

Threats grow from sectarian roots

The Islamic State views Shiite Muslims as apostates. It portrays Iran as a Shiite power threatening the “real” Muslim community — the Sunnis. Because of this — and the threat the group poses to Iran’s interests in the region — Tehran views the Islamic State as a national security threat. As a result, it placed “no limits” on resources to combat it both inside and outside its borders

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WNU Editor: I am surprised that Iran is not experiencing terror attacks that one would expect such a  country would receive. And while I am sure that the security forces within Iran are very efficient .... my gut is telling me that there is more at play here than what they are telling us.

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