Friday, June 9, 2017

U.K. Election Disaster For Prime Minister May And The Conservative Government

Daily Mail: May WILL ask the Queen's permission to form a government despite election disaster that SMASHED her majority - but even the DUP allies propping her up in No10 warn she might have to QUIT

* Prime Minister Theresa May has lost seats in the general election in a stunning reversal of her hopes
* Ashen faced Mrs May vows to stay on despite hammering insisting the country needs a 'period of stability'
* She has struck a deal with the 10 MPs from the DUP and is going to see the Queen to ask to form government
* But Tories are already breaking ranks to make clear that Mrs May must consider her position after the result
* Labour leader this morning demanded that Mrs May 'go' and make way for a Labour-led government
* With just one seat left to count, Conservatives are down from 330 to 318, and Labour up from 232 to 261
* Ministers including Jane Ellison and Ben Gummer have been ousted in a surge by Mr Corbyn's party

Theresa May will ask the Queen's permission to form a government today despite the Tories suffering devastating losses when her election gamble backfired.

The Prime Minister will go to see the monarch at 12.30pm to make clear she intends to stay in power to push through Brexit - even though she has lost her Commons majority.

The defiant move comes as Mrs May faces open calls from her own MPs to 'consider her position', while a jubilant Jeremy Corbyn has demanded she make way for him to become PM.

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Update: The election results are here.

WNU Editor: I do not live in the U.K., so I do not have a direct feel into what is the mindset of the British voter. But .... over the past few weeks I have mentioned a few times in this blog that the people who are running Theresa May's campaign must be working for the other side. When you propose ideas like a "dementia tax" in the middle of a  campaign .... you are cruising for a bruising. Throw in the other issues .... like calling an election when the sentiment was not there for one, Brexit, two major terror attacks, etc. .... and then not being a great campaigner .... her fate was sealed. Will Theresa May remain the leader of the party .... I doubt it. What should have been an easy win .... did not .... and as leader she will have to pay the price for it.

I will have a news roundup on the election later today.

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TWN said...

This is the best outcome for the British people the Political Rats usually have grid lock policy wise and they seem to suck up to the people during Minority Govt's, IE no or minor Tax increases and few if any Ideological idiot policy programs. I hope Canada's next election produces a similar result. We were in a sweet spot during Martins last term and Harpturd's first 2 terms, then we gave Harpturd a majority, then Turdeau, and it's been Vaseline time ever since.