Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ukraine Is Building Up Their Own Spetnaz Military Force

Joseph Trevithick, The Drive: Ukrainian Spetnaz's Weapons and Gear May Show an American Touch

A key part of the fight against Russian-backed separatists, Ukraine's spetnaz starting to look more and more like their Western counterparts.

New photos of Ukrainian special operations forces show a steady increase in Western influence. With elite forces already a critical part of the fight against Russian-backed separatists in the country’s eastern Donbass region, officials in Kiev have no doubt been keen to take any lessons, even indirectly, from their counterparts in the United States and Europe.

One June 8, 2017, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense posted a number of undated images of special operators or candidates during training. The pictures showed troops maneuvering through temperate, snowy, urban, and nighttime environments, as well as conducting apparent team-building type exercises. More importantly, their weapons and gear are very similar to the kit that American and Western European special operations forces commonly employ.

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WNU Editor: These Ukrainian special operations forces will not only be focused on the war in the East .... but I am willing to bet that they will also be focused on what may happen in Ukraine itself. They are a lot of unhappy people with the current situation in the country .... and they have weapons. Having Ukrainian special forces trained and nearby in case things may get out of hand is a good idea .... especially with Presidential elections only 2 years away.

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