Saturday, June 10, 2017

United Nations: Heavy Weapons Are Causing Massive Civilian Casualties In Mosul

The Independent: Up to 80 civilians 'killed in US air strike' in Mosul, UN confirms

Human rights groups warn indiscriminate bombing of densely populated areas and use of heavy ordinance could amount to war crimes

The UN’s human rights office has said that an initial investigation has confirmed that between 50 - 80 Iraqi civilians were killed in a recent US-led coalition bombing of Mosul, while hundreds more died at the hands of Isis militants.

Strikes on 31 May were reported to have caused civilians deaths, but the death toll was not clear. Around 231 more people are thought to have died from Isis shelling, snipers and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) fleeing the west of the city at around the same time.

The UN is still seeking additional information, a statement said on Thursday.

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WNU Editor: I am reading reports that 200,000 civilians are trapped in what is basically a few square kilometres of urban terrain. I am also reading reports that there are still a lot of ISIS fighters remaining who have made the decision to fight to the death. Bottom line .... this is urban warfare at its worse .... and it is not going to end well for the thousands who are trapped.

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Aizino Smith said...

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The civilians are literally on death ground.

They need to attack their captors. Casualties would be extremely high, but they will by very high anyway. North of 90%?

Cut their balls off and impale those ISIS suckers. Then we'll see if anyone one wants to play "I am alpha monkey and I get to rape or kill whoever I want."

I bet if you do this enough times even the supposedly crazy people will suddenly want to play nice.