Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wikileaks Condemns The News Outlet 'The Intercept' On How They Handled A Leaked Document From An NSA Contractor

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Daily Beast: WikiLeaks Declares War on The Intercept

The FBI says a reporter led them to an NSA leaker. Julian Assange says that person, whom he suspects is an Intercept reporter, is a "menace" to sources, journalists, and democracy.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told The Daily Beast he holds reporters—not just the Trump administration—responsible for the arrest of a U.S. intelligence contractor charged with leaking classified information.

On Monday, the Justice Department said Reality Winner, a 25-year-old National Security Agency contractor, sent top secret information to a news outlet. The announcement came shortly after The Intercept published a series of NSA documents claiming that Russian hackers targeted a voting-software supplier and local election officials just prior to Election Day.

According to the affidavit, reporters for the unnamed news organization provided a copy of the printed NSA report to the agency in order to seek comment. The NSA claimed six people had printed out the report including Winner, who the agency said had been in contact with an unnamed news outlet.

“If the FBI affidavit is accurate the reporter concerned must be named, shamed and fired by whomever they work for to maintain industry standards,” Assange said via Twitter direct message through the WikiLeaks account on Tuesday.

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Update #1: WikiLeaks offers $10,000 to get Intercept reporter fired (The Hill)
Update #2: Charges show peril for leakers, journalists alike (Politico)

WNU Editor: The Intercept definitely did not take the precautions that they should have .... and now the arrested leaker (Reality Winter) is facing years in prison. And while there are some in the media who are wondering if Reality Winter is a case that the Trump administration should proceed first when it comes to prosecuting leakers .... War on Leakers Is Off to a Bad Start for Trump (Noah Feldman, Bloomberg) ... my view is that it makes no difference .... the law is the law, and she is the first one who has been caught. And if convicted .... always remember that rule (and I am quoting a friend who has been in prison) .... "if you want to commit the crime, always be prepared to do the time".


Jay Farquharson said...

And Glenn Greenwald has gone to war with his own site.


War News Updates Editor said...

Jay. I was wondering where he was. He must be really pissed.

Jay Farquharson said...

He's pissed that they called out Russia,

Has no problems that they burned their own source.


Times sure are interesting:


On the otherhand, Freeland gave a speech that I agree with for the most part, very Merkel.

Jay Farquharson said...


War News Updates Editor said...

The fake news story in a Qatar news website is my 00:00 EST post. The Saudi-Qatar dispute goes back years .... a news story .... even a false one .... is not the reason why Saudi Arabia initiated these actions.

The Freeland speech is my 4:00 AM EST post. Her rhetoric was great .... we are going down a different and independent path away from the U.S..
But reality is different. She talked about Canadian values, but multiculturalism has become a dirty word in Quebec .... which is why Quebec premier Couuillard is now pushing for talks on the constitution and more powers to Quebec on cultural affairs (and money). The Canadian defense paper that will be released tomorrow promises big military purchases and defense spending .... but I have heard this so many times in the past .... that in the end I know they are not going to spend that money. And in terms of trade/economics .... Canada enjoys a trade surplus with the U.S. .... why jeopardise that and say you will go elsewhere? Freeland's speech to me was just red meat for Canadian nationalists and the liberal base, as well as making the government feel good about themselves. And like Merkel .... there is a belief that being anti-Trump is a politically smart thing to do for the moment. But I also sense fear among the wise men and women in Ottawa .... I know we are not well positioned to go down an independent course with this liberal view of the world .... and I am now sensing the same thing among those that I trust in Ottawa. But then again .... I could be wrong.

Jay Farquharson said...

Couuilard's going into an election. Starting the Meech Lake Accords fight all over again, allows him to stake out the Quebecqois Nationalism turf and forces the PQ to contest the election on economic grounds.

It's a very savvy first strike

The White Paper will be interesting, not for the empty promise of money, manpower and weapons, but instead, priorities. Will we actually pull back from all the failed US War's of Choice, and go back to Soft Power and Peacekeeping? We will see.

Adolph Twitler blew up NAFTA. For once, he sorta listened to his Goldman Sach's faction, and didn't cancel it all together, just invoked the renegotiation clause. Team Canada has 248 years combined experience on NAFTA and Trade Negotiations. Team Mexico, 217 years.

Team Trump doesn't exist yet, and he has no nominee's for Trade Representative or Commerce Secretary. Not no nominee's going through the confirmation process, but vacant spaces with nobody nominated.

Talks start in August, the clock runs out in September 2018.

No deal, Trade reverts to WTO rules, Canada's trade surplus with the US will triple, Mexico's will double. In addition, Protectionist measures to address that Globalization Inequality, and Corporate Ownership will once again be available.

No matter what happen's, its a fight Hair Furour picked. The only questions are:
- will there be a "America First NAFTA deal", nope.
- will Little Big Boys minions try to sell a bad deal to the deplorables and Gullibillies as a win with likes and fake news? Yup, double yup.

If you read the "must read" I have posted several times on the intersection between the House of Saud, Whahhibism, ISIS and extremism, it's pretty clear there can only be one Mosque, one God, and the House of Saud, in Wahabism,

So Quatar, ( this time) showing anything other than complete deference and submission to the House of Saud, was going to provoke the Saudi overreaction under the current crop of mismanagers. The UAE will be next, and the breaking point is the epic Saudi failures in Syria and Yemen.

The permeating fear with The Great Orange Bloat, is for every position he has taken, there is an equal and opposite position he has taken, often mere tweets apart. The only things consistent about The Great White Joke, is his racism, ignorance, anger and addiction to Briebart and Faux News.

The guy can't even get legislation passed by a Republican Majority in the House and Senate. He can't even staff an administration, and has become so toxic and such a loser, he can't even assemble a War Room or qualified Legal Team.

People are starting to clue in to the fact that your are wasting your time trying to negotiate any kind of "deal" with Cheeto Benito. Even if he decides to honour it, Team Trump isn't competent enough to get it ratified in the Republican Majority houses, or turn it into Legislation.

So why bother trying?

Aside from Hair Furour starting another lost war somewhere, the Global Concensus will quickly become "ignore Trump", let's work quietly amongst ourselves.

Jay Farquharson said...