Thursday, June 8, 2017

World News Briefs -- June 8, 2017

Daily Mail: Glimmer of hope for Tories: First REAL results contradict stunning joint-TV exit poll of 30,000 people suggesting the PM's election has backfired and Britain is on course for hung Parliament

* Exit poll suggest Prime Minister Theresa May has lost seats in the election in a stunning reversal of her hopes
* Britain appears to be on course for a hung parliament with results due to flow in steadily over the night
* Mrs May remains as PM and would have the first crack at forming a government as Tories still largest party
* But the poll suggests a small change could leave Jeremy Corbyn in No 10 with help from SNP and Lib Dems
* The first actual results from the ballot are expected to be declared in the north east from around 11pm
* The Conservatives could drop from 330 seats in House of Commons to 314 with Labour up from 232 to 266

Theresa May was handed a lifeline by early election results today as they cast doubt on a stunning exit poll that predicted a hung parliament.

The forecast suggested a catastrophic loss of seats for the Conservatives that would leave Mrs May teetering on the brink of being booted out of power. The Tories were said to be on track to lose 16 seats, leaving them on 314 seats and well short of a majority, while Labour was up from 232 to 266.

But when the real results started to flow in they sparked the extraordinary sight of two polling experts saying that the Tories could defy the forecasts and end up with a majority of up to 100.

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Mosul battle: IS kills 230 fleeing civilians, says UN.

'Significant escalation' of civilian deaths in Mosul.

US says drone fired on US-backed forces near Syrian camp. US aircraft shoots down Syrian drone after it dropped 'dud'. Syrian pro-government drone shot down by US military.

U.S. escalates airstrikes against Syrian government.

17 civilians killed in US-led coalition strikes on Raqa, suburbs: monitor.

Hezbollah threatens to strike US in Syria over 'red lines'.

Death toll in Tehran attack rises; Iranian official calls U.S. response 'repugnant'.

Iran weighs whether Saudi Arabia was behind attack.

Qatar rejects ‘blockade,’ denies terror allegations.

GCC nations issue more threats against Qatar.

100,000 cholera cases, 789 deaths, in Yemen in past month: WHO. 'Catastrophic' cholera outbreak hits 100,000 suspected cases in Yemen.


North Korea says leader Kim supervised test of new anti-ship missiles.

S. Korea leader warns North after latest missile launch.

U.S. senator, South Korea conservatives urge end to THAAD dispute.

Kim Jong Un tells North Korean children to 'give all' to regime.

China accuses U.N. rights envoy of 'meddling' in its judiciary.

China 'concerned' about reported killing of two nationals in Pakistan: Xinhua.

'What will we eat?' - Myanmar Muslims struggle after camp closures.

Japan to consider building new nuclear plants: Nikkei.

Australian police conducting 'counter-terrorism' raids.


Casualties after al-Shabab attack Puntland army base.

13 dead, including Boko Haram attackers, in Nigerian city.

U.S. wary of French push for U.N. to back Sahel force: diplomats.

With eyes on Libya, France cements Egypt security ties.

Egypt’s el-Sissi sees vindication in moves against Qatar.

Gunmen kill 14 in ambush on main South Sudan highway: police.

Red Cross urges release of staff kidnapped in DRCongo.


UK exit poll: Conservatives may fall short of majority. Stunning blow for May as UK exit poll points to no clear winner.

Northern Ireland's DUP says could help Britain's May reach majority.

UK Liberal Democrats wouldn't prop up a Conservative government: ex-leader Clegg.

London attack: Video emerges of police shooting.

Germany's top Social Democrat loses ground vs Merkel in latest poll.

Explosive device thrown into US embassy in Ukraine.

Angela Merkel seeks to manage expectations in Argentina, Mexico.

ECB forecasts higher growth but keeps rates on hold.

Cyprus president: US vice president offers peace talks help.

East German border claimed 327 lives, says Berlin study.


Comey says he was fired over Russia probe, blasts ‘lies’.

Dems play hardball on Russia sanctions.

Putin: 'I like Senator McCain'.

Colombia's Farc rebels have handed over 30% of weapons.

Prosecutor urges Venezuelans to reject constitution rewrite.

Hugo Chávez's brother becomes governor of Barinas state.

Multiple threats could lead to downfall of Brazil president.

Guatemala ex-VP Baldetti wanted by US over cocaine charges.

Immigrants use Washington state to sneak into Canada for asylum. Here’s how, and why.


IS is reorganizing, targeting Europe: UN official.

Iran says 5 Tehran attackers had fought for Islamic State.

US government: 2 men charged with plotting terror attacks.


S&P 500, Dow flat after Comey testimony; futures dip after UK vote.

Tech CEOs Cook, Bezos, Catz said to attend Kushner-led summit.

Alibaba CFO says expects revenue growth of 45-49 percent in FY2018.

Poll: 14 percent of world's adults want to migrate.


D.Plowman said...

*Rubs hands together*...

I'm getting a knack for these bets. 9/2 odds for a no majority win, and I won't say how much I put on it, but.. I'm going to be quite happy if the exit polls are correct.

War News Updates Editor said...

D. Plowman.
I read a post earlier on bookies predicting a conservative majority .... and I thought about you .... and how they all screwed up the Brexit vote.
Looks like history is about to repeat itself.