Monday, July 17, 2017

Mosul -- News Updates July 17, 2017

Washington Post: After Islamic State defeat, a daunting search for bodies in Mosul’s rubble

MOSUL, Iraq — The streets of Mosul’s Old City are littered with bodies, tangled between shattered stones and remnants of the lives they left behind.

In the baking summer heat, exhausted rescue crews are now sifting through the debris of the toughest battle against the Islamic State in what became its final redoubt in the city.

As Iraqi ground troops, U.S.-led coalition jets and Islamic State militants pulverized the Old City’s winding maze of streets, thousands of civilians were caught in the crossfire.

But the area is now deserted, its inhabitants evacuated to houses, camps or prison cells across the province in recent months.

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WNU Editor: Here is a story from survivors on what was life like in the ISIS held Old City of Mosul in the last few days of the war .... Mosul battle: Dying hard in caliphate’s final annihilation (Anthony Lloyd, The Austrian/The Times)

Mosul -- News Updates July 17, 2017

Soldier killed in clashes with IS vestiges in Mosul’s Old City -- Iraqi News
More than 30 IS members killed by warplanes west of Mosul -- Iraqi News
Iraq: 25000 Daesh fighters were killed in Mosul -- Middle East Monitor
Offensive in Mosul killed over 25,000 IS militants: Commander -- Kurdistan 24
'Too Scary to Take a Step': Refugees Escape Bloody, Booby-Trapped Mosul -- Sputnik
Ancient Iraq city of Mosul destroyed beyond repair -- Gulf news
After Mosul victory, senior UN officials detail Iraq’s political and humanitarian needs -- UN News Centre
Iraq eyes repatriation of Mosul refugees in 200 days, isolates IS families -- Iraqi News
Iraqi forces expected to hold on to Mosul after defeating Islamic State: Analyst -- Channel News Asia

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