Thursday, August 10, 2017

Can North Korea's Artillery Level Seoul In The Event of War?

Red State: At Least Eight Reasons Why The Talk Of North Korea Leveling Seoul Is Simply Wrong

War is destruction and death. It’s serious business. So the facts should be taken seriously and measured accurately.

I’ve touched on this subject in the comments several times in the past here at RedState, but have put off writing about it because I’ve discovered there is an inverse relationship to how long it takes me to write a story and the interest it gets. However, the North Korea crisis makes this appropriate and necessary I think.

I’ll use as my point of departure a Washington Post story from today titled Twenty-five million reasons the U.S. hasn’t struck North Korea. It discusses the idea that if war breaks out between North Korea and the United States and South Korea that Seoul, South Korea’s capital will be obliterated.

The 25 million in the title is the population of Seoul. This is the premise:

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WNU editor: A different take on the "North Korea will destroy Seoul in a war" story. What's my take .... I have been to Seoul a number of times ....I once visualised what would happen if skyscrapers were hit by artillery and rockets .... it's not a pretty site .... the city may not get level, but fires and destruction will be widespread. The bottom video illustrates on a small scale what North Korean artillery can do on a South Korean village.


Jac said...

One thing America has and NK hasn't: "eyes". And that's a game changer. First, if NK want to attack SK they need to make a big move of their forces to do so, and our eyes will see it. There will be no surprise. Second, the fog of war is worst problem for an army. America has all the tools to avoid this fog, and that's a big advantage. NK knows that and I don't believe it will do a very suicidal war.

Hans Persson said...

Jac, NK knows it, but does not understand it.

Pet Gannon said...

My the best general win