Saturday, August 12, 2017

China's Navy Holds A Live Fire Exercise Near The Korean Peninsula

Type 054A frigates, including the "515" Binzhou, fire off C-803 anti-ship missiles during the exercises Aug. 4-8. CCTV13

Popular Science: As a drill and potential warning, China's navy just fired dozens of missiles near North Korea

China held a massive live fire exercise near the Korean Peninsula.

Over the weekend, China's army, navy, and air force conducted a wide range of naval exercises in the Yellow Sea, close to North Korea.

These drills, which happened Aug. 4 through Aug. 8, took place only days after North Korea launched a missile reportedly capable of hitting most of the continental U.S. As such, the drills appear to not only be about training, but about warning other nations. If war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, China has the capability to intervene.

Underscoring the seriousness of the situation, People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) commander Vice Admiral Shen Jinglong and other senior flag officers were there to observe the exercise, which took place over an area of 15,000 square miles.

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WNU editor: This is China's way of sending a message. But who are they sending the message to .... South Korea? The U.S.? North Korea? All of the above? My money is on them telling everyone in the region that China will not stay silent.

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Jac said...

Well my money is on US-Japan-South Korea. For North Korea...they just have to tell it "we stay home".