Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Five Military Projects That Russia Says It Is Working On (But No One Believes Them)

Business Insider: 5 outrageous projects Russia's military says it's working on

Since President Vladimir Putin was ushered into power in 2000, the Russian defense industry has certainly rekindled, but it also has steadily spewed out unsubstantiated and rather ludicrous plans about future weapons.

In 2015, for example, the Kremlin claimed it would build tanks armed with lasers, and in 2016, it was a space-based missile defense system.

There are probably a number of reasons why these half-truths, exaggerations and downright lies continue to be spread.

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WNU Editor: #5 (planting nuclear missiles near the U.S. coast) is (to me) the most outrageous claim.

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B.Poster said...

Russia has the technical expertise, the willingness, the resources, and the focused leadership necessary to pull off all five of these projects. It would be better to believe them and assume they are working on these things until definitive proof can be found that they are not.

Project 1: T-14 Armata Tank, the Mars reference is most likely a metaphor. It does illustrate that the tank can operate in extreme cold and over very rugged terrain. It's only a matter of time before it is mass produced in big numbers. The US and its allies have nothing to match it and are nowhere close to doing so.

Project 2: Mig-41 space plane, the Russians have the technology, the will to expand it, are highly motivated to come against America, and have the leadership to do so. America and its allies have nothing to match it and are nowhere close. The proper assumption is to assume it is being developed until proven definitively that it is not.

Project 3: a 115,000 ton aircraft carrier, I am a bit puzzled as to why they would want these things. Since the US has been typically the only country to deploy aircraft carriers in large quantities and its "allies" to a lesser extent, the US may not have developed the anti-ship technologies that Russia, China, and their allies have. As such, it may have utility. There is little doubt they can build this and they will do so if they desire it. They say they are. The best approach is assume they are until definitive proof can be found that they are not. The USS Gerald Ford is mentioned. This investment in this floating death trap was/is a colossal waste of money, time, and resources as it would not last against a navy with a capability of 2.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. In other words, if we go to war with anyone we are in conflict right now, the USS Gerald Ford will need to be moved far, far from the battle zone in order not to be sunk. Perhaps the Russians have found out how to compensate for the inherent weaknesses. Assume they have and are building it. Start working on ways to counter it.

Project 4: Nuclear space plane, same as above. Assume they are working on it and are going to have it. As in the other projects, they have the technical expertise, the leadership, and the motivation to get this done as they are highly motivated to hit America very, very hard. In the absence of definitive proof to the contrary, assume the project is coming to fruition. Right now we aren't close to be able to counter this.

Project 5.: Russia has nuclear moles surrounding the US that are ready to be launched anytime the Russians wish to do so. This one is probably the most disturbing. Even more disturbing is the reaction by US leaders to refuse to believe this. The Russians have the capability, leadership, and motivation to do this. As such, assume the moles are there until definitive proof can be supplied to that they are not. Essentially what this means is Russia can launch a nuclear attack against us and we would not have time to respond before being destroyed. This means they can conquer us, destroy us, or otherwise hold us hostage at a time of their choosing and there is little to nothing we can do. Assume the claim is true until definitive proof is supplied that the claim is false. How do we counter this? Obviously holding our people hostage in this manner is unacceptable and we want Russia to remove them. The best approach would be a change in policy towards Russia. Perhaps we withdraw all support from former Soviet Republics and Eastern Bloc countries and in exchange the Russians remove these. Again, it is unacceptable to be held hostage in this manner. It outrageous of our leaders to continue acting stupid in this situation. A change in policy toward a less hostile one toward Russia would be the best way forward here. As the threat is so serious, we would obviously want a public display of the removal of these moles. With a saner policy toward Russia this may just be possible.