Tuesday, September 12, 2017

World News Briefs -- September 12, 2017 (Evening Edition)

Reuters: North Korea sanctions 'nothing compared to what will have to happen': Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the latest U.N. sanctions on North Korea agreed this week were only a very small step and nothing compared to what would have to happen to deal with the country’s nuclear program.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned China that if it did not follow through on the new sanctions, the United States would “put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the U.S. and international dollar system.”

Another senior administration official told Reuters any such “secondary sanctions” on Chinese banks and other companies were on hold for now to give China time to show it was prepared to fully enforce the latest and previous rounds of sanctions.

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Russian defence minister visits Assad ahead of Syrian offensive.

Hezbollah declares Syria victory, Russia says much of country won back.

Russian military: Syria government troops control 85 percent of Syria - agencies.

Hundreds of Isis defectors mass on Syrian border hoping to flee.

HRW: Saudi-led air raids in Yemen are 'war crimes'.

Iraq parliament rejects Kurdish independence referendum.

Focus on Iran spurs Trump’s bid to end Gulf crisis.

Hamas ready to reconcile with Fatah: reports.

Turkey signs deal to get Russian S-400 air defence missiles.

Plummeting aid worsening Palestinian crises: UN.


Pakistan says US has not issued demands over Afghanistan.

Trump says North Korea sanctions just the beginning.

UN approves watered-down new sanctions against North Korea. North Korea: UN Security Council approves new sanctions.

South Korea welcomes new UNSC sanctions on North Korea.

China banks fear US North Korea sanctions. Chinese banks halt transactions for North Koreans.

North Korea rejects UN sanctions, says US is 'fired up' for confrontation.

Oil prices soaring in N. Korea amid U.N. sanctions .

Russian smugglers are reportedly undercutting sanctions against North Korea with secret aid.

Video shows Taliban overran district center in Afghan east.

Rohingya asylum seekers fleeing Myanmar soldiers face limited welcome in Bangladesh.

UN Security Council to discuss Rohingya situation.

Rights groups slam UN council inaction over Myanmar crisis.


Opposition blames Tanzania govt for critic's shooting.

Kenya opposition boycotts parliament opening.

Islamic State's staging a comeback in Libya as divisions linger.

'War is Being won,' says head of regional force battling Boko Haram.

Shabaab targets Mogadishu with series of car bombings. Somalia: 20 killed in three separate attacks.

WHO: Over 500 dead as Congo cholera epidemic spreads.

South Africa's Motlanthe: 'Good if ANC loses power'.

Zimbabwe can feed itself again, Mugabe claims.

Tunisia cabinet reshuffle strengthens president.


British PM May to talk trade with Canada's Trudeau next week.

Number of migrants arriving in Spain soars: minister.

Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg wins second term. Norway election: Ruling Conservatives claim second term.

Russian word games over military exercise rattles Eastern Europe.

Pro-independence march in Barcelona marks Catalonia national day.

U.K. lawmakers have backed a key Brexit bill but a fight still looms.

Police deployed as French unions stage countrywide protests against President Macron’s labour reforms.

N. Korean workers in Russia fear sanctions will send them home.

Russia condemns new education law in Ukraine.


Hurricane Irma: Florida reopens storm-ravaged Keys. Irma: Officials urge patience as Florida re-opens after storm; parts of Caribbean left devastated.

'Not fit to live on': Chaos grips Caribbean islands days after Irma's rampage.

Foreign officials visit hurricane-hit Caribbean islands.

Venezuela accuses UN of lying over alleged rights abuses.

Guatemala congress rejects lifting Morales' immunity.

Brazil investigates reports of massacre among Amazonian tribe by gold miners.

Brazil fascinated by mysterious North Korea.


Iraq condemns to death Russian jihadist captured in Mosul.

16 years after 9/11/2001, 5 suspects are still awaiting trial.

CIA chief: Senior al-Qaeda leaders' days are numbered.

Saudi Arabia foils 'Islamic State' plot to attack defense ministry.


Wall Street ends at record high, led by banks; Apple weighs.

Apple unveils three new iPhones, hails 'biggest leap forward'. Apple lays claim to smartphone future with new flagship iPhone X.

OPEC says oil output dips, 'rebalancing' underway.

Lawyers for monkey who took famous selfie agree to settle copyright case.

OECD education study reveals gender gap and strong disparity.


Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand - from a moral perspective (not in terms of real politics, I get that) - how China and Russia can back this regime.

Kim Jong Un has had own family members tortured and killed. I'm not even talking about the countless generals and political adversaries who got killed, tortured or sentenced to hard labour campus (=death sentence). Think about that.

He runs a totalitarian state in which it means certain, gruesome death if your crime is as big as falling asleep during a parade.

Think about that for real.

This guy - who people have to treat like a God and never say no to - now soon will have the most powerful and devastating weapons and delivery platforms at his fingertips. Worry about Trump being impulsive and having his finger on the button?

I repeat. A guy who has own family members tortured and killed has nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them soon.

And China backs him with almost no hesitation. And make blood money with it. And rape the environment. And ignore WHO and rape all other countries financially.

And the MSM talk about what Trump tweeted.

This will not end well.

B.Poster said...


There will certainly be "blowback" that will hit those and hit them very hard who support the North Korean government. The thing about "blowback" is it may come from those who are wronged but ftom somewhere it real come.

From somewhere blowback will be visited upon China, Russia, and all those who support the current North Korean government. America and Americans know a great deal about this. Chinese and Russians especially their leaders are the world's most arrogant. As such, they think they are immune. They are not.