Thursday, October 12, 2017

China Prepares For The 19th National Congress Of The Communist Party (It Starts Next Week)

Reuters: Xi propaganda kicks into overdrive ahead of China Communist Party congress

BEIJING (Reuters) - Inside the packed exhibition hall in central Beijing is a showcase of China’s recent achievements: the country’s first operational aircraft carrier; a gleaming fleet of high-speed trains; happy villagers lifted from poverty.

While the display officially celebrates the accomplishments of the Chinese people over the past five years, it is made clear that President Xi Jinping is the man to thank.

To enter the exhibition, staged by the Communist Party’s propaganda department, visitors pass through a circular antechamber with red walls emblazoned with slogans inspired by Xi’s concepts on governance.

Hundreds of images of Xi adorn the walls in each of the exhibition’s ten halls: in combat fatigues surveying the troops, holding court with foreign dignitaries, even showing his softer side by petting a baby elephant.

By contrast, photographs of other party leaders are much smaller and displayed in less prominent spots.

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WNU Editor: I was an observer at the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (1987). I stuck out because of my young age, I wore a really nice suit made from Hong Kong, and I had a flashy Rolex watch (a gift from a girl friend that I learned a year later was a fake). What do I remember most of that Congress. Meeting Chinese Communist Party secretary general Zhao Ziyang and Chinese paramount Communist leader Deng Xiaoping .... but I was too minor of an official to shake their hands. And it is true of what they say about Deng Xiaoping .... he was a small man but there was an aura around him of respect that when he walked into the room everyone noticed him within seconds, and everyone goes silent. What is the big difference from what I experienced then and what is happening now. Today .... these non-military Communist Party officials are all going to be wearing $2,000 to $3,000 suits, $50,000 watches, and many of them are responsible for managing/running billion dollar organizations and institutions. The senior military officials will also be wearing sharp military suits. The technology .... which was completely absent in 1987 .... will be everywhere and on complete display next week. The atmosphere will be all business .... no more slogans of Marx or Mao being expressed. Do I miss it .... yeah .... I do .... it is an incredible show to witness. All that I can say is that if I was there today, I would go retro and wear a real Mao suit, no flashy watch, and look super-humble .... and yes .... I would stick out again. :)

Update: My favorite Deng Xiaoping quotes (the second quote is how I have lived my life .... but I now want to change by leading) ....

It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.

Keep a cool head and maintain a low profile. Never take the lead - but aim to do something big.

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