Wednesday, October 11, 2017

North Korea Warns The U.S. That 'We’re On The Brink Of Nuclear War'

Kim Jong-un, center, before a nuclear test at an undisclosed location, according to the North’s state-run news agency. Credit KCNA

CNN: North Korea foreign minister: Trump has 'lit the wick' of war

(CNN)US President Donald Trump has "lit the wick of the war" against North Korea, a Russian state news agency quoted North Korea's foreign minister as saying on Wednesday.

The statement follows weeks of escalating tensions between North Korea and the United States, fueled by Pyongyang's repeated nuclear tests and Trump's tough talk.

Speaking to Russia's state-run TASS news agency, North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho cited Trump's September speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York as the tipping point.

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Update #1: North Korea to US: We’re on the brink of nuclear war (NYPost)
Update #2: DPRK people demand US be punished by 'hail of fire' for aggressive policy — top diplomat (TASS)

WNU Editor: No one wants to back down on the rhetoric.


Jac said...

Well, the words used from NoKo are very important. Usually they was very aggressive, this time they reject the responsibility of a war, which is a defensive position. That's tell all: they are not ready for a confrontation, and for the first time they fear America. Without any doubt the Trump language has make a change.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely reckless on both sides, to talk like that. The precedence it sets. But both are people who should not be presidents/leaders of their respective countries. But they are- and we get to witness this mess and might get caught up in it and pay for it with our lives or livelihoods. Just great.

Anonymous said...

Jac they have used defensive language like forever. Just check their propaganda releases. Always they are the ones being attacked by outsiders and they warn of their merciless response

hebrew hammer said...

Well anon, NK has been threatening the US with nuclear war for years now. Trump's reaction is the consequence of NK's repeated threats. Like it or not, half the country approves of Trump's handling of NK and have wanted a tough response to NK for a while now. US has tried negotiating with NK for decades...the time for negotiating has passed.

Nick Sebastian said...

Little kimmy doesn’t have the balls or man power, While i do like trump in most aspects i am glad we have him as POTUS over Hilary or any other democrat. Can you imagine cry baby Schumer or beat in the face with a ugly stick Pelosi in this situation?

B.Poster said...

Remember North Korea threatened nuclear annihilation of America. America got backed into a corner where essentially it has/had no other options.

North Korea has/had China and Russia as backers. How could they possibly screw this up? While I typically detest game analogies when describing events of war and peace, North Korea's leaders are a bit like a poker player who had a fabulous hand and overplayed it.

South Korea and Japan could easily shut down any American "rhetoric" any time they desire. China and Russia could also easily shut down any American "rhetoric" any time they choose to do so. This hasn't happened. Apparently North Korea has driven the US, Japan, and South Korea together all while dampening the enthusiasm of their Chinese and Russian allies to support them.

The problem has a solution. America and Americans need to feel safe. This is what the world's major powers need to focus on. How can the very legitimate need of Americans to be safe be accomplished? Once this is accomplished, problem solved!!

When Vladimir Putin stated North Korea needed to feel safe he either deliberately or accidently approached this problem from completely the wrong direction!! North Korea is a police state who has the world's top powers as allies. As such, there is no one who can make them afraid. In contrast, America faces existential threats on multillpe fronts the likes of which no country in world history has faced.

Again, focus on ways in which American security can be advanced. Stop treating Americans as sub-human. Problem solved!!

Jac said...

Everybody will agree with you, myself included, but we have to face the reality: all these years of defiance of NoKo to the UN make the problem not very easy. If NoKo would observe, at least, one of the UN condemnation will make the problem completely different. Arrogance will only bring arrogance and that's the sate we are now.
I don't believe we will go to war: nobody (NoKo, SoKo, Jap, US) are not crazy about war, but we have to wait the maximum of language for making it down.

fazman said...

Unfortunately l feel war us comming very soon as n.k will not abandon their nuclear programme and this is a non negotiable for not only the u.s, but Seth korea, Japan and Australia

fazman said...

Correct. I can't see how anyone can argue otherwise. Talking has not worked,norms threaten the u.s every other day, sanctions are hurting but still Kim says F.U.
Trump can't let this slide until Kim has a nuclear trident.

Just a carpenter. said...

Trumps words cannot possibly be as reckless as the appeasement strategy of past administrations in the face of repeated threat of Nuclear annihilation.. The Media is lost on the true pulse of this nation.. Keep listening to the Weinsteins and Blitzers, Do just as they say.. I hope they do because we will watch Trump put his hand on that bible in 2021.. #MAGA

Anonymous said...

Do you see any path forward that enables us to avoid war?

War News Updates Editor said...

Fortunately we are still far away from that.