Thursday, October 12, 2017

Russia Accuses The U.S. Of Stealing Their Flag From Its Consulate In San Fancisco

Reuters: Russia protests to U.S. 'shameful' theft of consulate flags

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia protested to the United States on Wednesday after it said Russian flags were stolen from its consulate in San Francisco, a charge that Washington immediately disputed.

Russian staff left the consulate last month after Washington ordered Moscow to vacate some of its diplomatic properties, part of a series of tit-for-tat actions as relations sour between the two countries.

U.S. officials have since occupied administrative parts of the compound. Russia said last week they had broken into residential areas and it threatened retaliation over what it called an illegal act.

“The latest shameful event. In San Francisco (Russian) flags have been stolen from the building of @ConsulRussiaSF,” the Russian embassy to the United States said on its Russian-language Twitter account.

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Update #1: Moscow slams ‘disgraceful’ removal of Russian flags from diplomatic properties seized by US (VIDEO) (RT)
Update #2: Moscow Strongly Opposes Russian Flag Removal From Diplomatic Properties in US (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: You do not take the official flag from another country in such a manner. The property is still own by the Russian government until an agreement on price and compensation is reached. I know that these actions in the whole scheme of things are small and petty .... but Russians have the same feelings towards their flag as the Americans, and like Americans who get upset when their flag is being disrespected, I can say the same thing for a lot of Russians.


Bloggermonser said...

This actually frightens me a bit

Jac said...

We cannot do the same kind of thing Iran did in 1979 ( I know there is no hostage but the disrespect is the same).

Anonymous said...

If we really did that, let's return it - show some respect ffs