Wednesday, October 11, 2017

White House And The Pentagon Condemn NBC's Report That President Trump Wanted To Increase America's Nuclear Arsenal Ten-Fold

The Hill: Pentagon chief pushes back at 'irresponsible' NBC story

Defense Secretary James Mattis on Wednesday rejected the NBC News report that President Trump wanted to greatly expand the United States's nuclear arsenal, calling the story "irresponsible."

"Recent reports that the President called for an increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal are absolutely false. This kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible,” Mattis said in a statement.

NBC reported Wednesday that during a July 20 meeting of top military officials, Trump suggested dramatically expanding the country's nuclear capabilities — from roughly 4,000 to 32,000 — after seeing data that showed the U.S. weapons stockpile decreasing since the late 1960s.

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WNU Editor: It was NBC that reported last week that US Secretary of State Tillerson called President Trump a moron .... and now this claim from NBC that President Trump wants a ten-fold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal. NBC is saying that they have 3 different sources for these stories .... but the Cabinet Secretaries who were in the meeting are saying bluntly that these NBC reports are not true. In February of this year President Trump publicly stated his nuclear policy as President .... modernization and the need to make sure that U.S. nuclear forces were the top of the world .... President Trump Wants To Expand The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal (February 23, 2017). There was no mention of a ten-fold increase in February, nor in any of President Trump's public remarks since his inauguration.

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