Thursday, October 12, 2017

World News Briefs -- October 12, 2017

Trump has repeatedly warned that he would "tear up" the nuclear deal with Iran [Reuters]

Al Jazeera: Trump defies world leaders as he blasts Iran deal

US President Donald Trump has repeated his criticism of the Iran nuclear deal, ahead of a crucial decision that could make or break the two-year-old international agreement.

On Wednesday, Trump again called the agreement between Iran and six world powers "the worst deal" the US has ever signed.

"We did it out of weakness, when actually, we have great strength," Trump said. "We got nothing."

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Families fleeing Syria's Raqqa say air strikes bring heavy toll.

Syrian army battles Islamic State in al-Mayadin town: report.

Ceasefire deal sealed for rebel pocket near Damascus.

Kurd fighters in Iraq briefly block roads to Mosul.

9 Houthi fighters dead in ongoing Yemen clashes, military.

Erdogan: US is being governed by ambassador in Ankara.

Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah sign deal in Cairo. Hamas, Fatah sign reconciliation agreement in Cairo.


Myanmar army chief says Rohingya crisis is exaggerated.

Witness at Malaysia trial says 4 more suspects in Kim murder.

Pakistan's military recovers American-Canadian hostage couple held by Taliban for years.

US warship sails near islands claimed by China, angering Beijing: report.

Duterte pulls police off controversial drugs crackdown.

Red Cross curbs Afghanistan operations after increase in attacks.

Afghan civilian casualties from air strikes rise more than 50 percent, says U.N..

Vietnam floods and landslides leave 43 dead, thousands evacuated. Vietnam: Dozens killed by floods and landslides.


US military heats up battle in Libya as Islamic State militants seek refuge.

Militants that attacked US troops in Niger were new to area.

Kenya bans street protests amid election row.

Oil-rich South Sudan faces fuel shortage crisis.

After 46 years, S.Africa rules police murdered apartheid opponent.

Migrant deaths in the Sahara likely twice Mediterranean toll: U.N..


Catalan president accuses Mariano Rajoy of ignoring call for talks.

Spain celebrates national day amid Catalan secession crisis.

Brexit talks in 'disturbing deadlock' over divorce bill, says EU negotiator. Deadlock over UK's Brexit bill, says EU's Michel Barnier.

Austria set for rightward political turn after Sunday vote.

Sanctions against Russia may last at least a decade – Lukoil boss.

Report: Germany would rather invest in EU defense than NATO.

Paris to ban combustion-engine cars by 2030.


US quits Unesco over 'anti-Israel bias'. US withdraws from UNESCO due to claims of anti-Israel bias.

Nafta talks: Trump open to a bilateral Canada-US trade deal.

Mexico warns US about ending Nafta trade deal.

California wildfires: 23 dead as winds threaten to worsen out-of-control blaze .

Questions remain about police response to Las Vegas massacre.

Facebook supports full disclosure on Russia-backed ads: Sandberg.

Poll: North Korea nuke advances spook most Americans.

Trump: We can't keep FEMA, military in Puerto Rico forever. Trump loses patience with Puerto Rico.

Mexico prison riot: UN calls for investigation.

Mexico’s largest state rocked by slayings of women.


Niger: Pentagon blames Islamic State in deadly attack on U.S. forces.

Hezbollah says new US measures won't affect group.

British IS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones 'killed by drone'.


IMF sounds alert over debt in largest economies.

Can a concussion legal case threaten the NHL’s future?

Bitcoin price soars above $5,000 to record high.

Ex-FIFA executive and PSG president investigated in bribery case.

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