Wednesday, December 6, 2017

World News Briefs -- December 6, 2017 (Evening Edition)

Reuters: Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, defying allies and foes

WASHINGTON/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - President Donald Trump reversed decades of U.S. policy on Wednesday and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, effectively taking sides in one of the thorniest issues in the Mideast dispute and upsetting Washington’s friends and foes alike.

dispute and upsetting Washington’s friends and foes alike.

Trump announced his administration would begin a process of moving the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a step expected to take years and one that his predecessors had avoided so as not to inflame tensions.

The status of Jerusalem -- home to sites that are holy to the Muslim, Jewish and Christian religions -- is one of the biggest obstacles to reaching a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

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Trump declares Jerusalem Israeli capital, smashing US policy.

Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

Netanyahu hails Trump's Jerusalem declaration as 'historic'.

Syria fully liberated from terrorists — Russia's top brass.

U.S. disputes Putin's claim that Syrian war is winding down.

Pentagon: About 2,000 US troops in Syria.

UNHCR: Widespread rape of Syrian boys and men.

Saudi air strikes on Yemen intensify, residents in capital stay indoors.

UN 'deeply concerned' about Yemen's political, humanitarian crisis.

Trump demands Saudis allow aid into Yemen 'immediately'.

'GULFing buddies': UAE announces new alliance with Saudi Arabia.


Nepal's restive south votes in historic polls.

Report: 49 countries have been busting sanctions on North Korea.

China calls for US restraint in Korean military drills after B-1B flyover.

How to survive nuclear strike: Chinese media advises locals on N. Korea border.

North Korean 'ghost ships' reveal desperation for food and funds.

Duterte labels Communists as terrorists, heightening tension.

6 killed in North Waziristan blast targeting army recruits.

Afghan refugees forced to take a freezing journey back from Iran.

Dozens of Japanese lawmakers visit war-linked Yasukuni Shrine.

China blasts Australia over Turnbull Government's foreign interference laws.


Armed groups in central Africa using roadblocks as funding source.

Libya kicks off bid to hold elections.

Thousands flee villages in English-speaking parts of Cameroon.

DR Congo displacement crisis 'worse than Middle East'.

Uganda begins Somalia troop withdrawal.

Nigerian migrants return from Libya with tales of horror.

Libya: Misrata marks one year since ISIL's defeat in Sirte.

After six years in jail, Gaddafi's son Saif plots return to Libya's turbulent politics.

South Africa's ANC wants to avoid split after vote: senior official.


Putin announces he's in the running for another term.

Greek police fire teargas at protesters on anniversary of riots.

Doubts grow over UK government’s preparation for Brexit.

NATO foreign ministers meet amid strained alliance ties.

Tillerson takes tough line on Russia, open to peacekeepers.

Hungary's European Parliament member Bela Kovacs charged with spying for Russia.

Czech billionaire Andrej Babis named new prime minister.

Russia Olympics ban: Kremlin 'will not bar athletes' from competing. Russian athletes free to join 2018 Olympics under neutral status — Putin. Winter Olympics doping ban met with righteous anger in Russia.

New EU-Mexico trade deal edges closer.


Highway to Hell! Terrifying video shows drivers on their way to work in LA passing hills covered with flames in the midst of raging wildfires.

US lawmakers deny Democrat's bid to impeach Trump. House rejects Trump impeachment resolution after Dem Rep. Al Green forces vote.

Russia probe cost $7 million over 5 months, DOJ says.

House investigators to question Donald Trump Jr. on Russian contacts.

Democrats line up to call for Al Franken's resignation after latest sexual misconduct allegation.

Another woman says Franken tried to forcibly kiss her in 2006: report. 'Enough is enough': Democratic women in Senate call on Al Franken to quit.

Honduras presidential candidate says Congress vote also flawed.

Honduras opposition demands full vote recount.

US tells citizens to avoid crisis-hit Honduras.

Brain abnormalities found in victims of US embassy attack in Cuba.

Rio de Janeiro drug lord detained in military operation.

US homeless people numbers rise for first time in seven years.

America faces one of the worst flu seasons ever as doctors warn the vaccine is only 10% effective this year - and infections are already on the rise.


U.S. officials warn of ISIS' new caliphate: cyberspace.

Islamist suicide plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May foiled. Police arrest two men 'planning to blow up Downing Street gates and kill Theresa May'.

ISIS are planning 'spectacular attacks' from the desert despite no longer being a serious war-fighting force says senior US colonel.

Pentagon confirms deaths of top al Qaeda, Taliban leaders.

Pretrial hearing at Guantanamo focuses on tying 5 men to 9/11 attacks.


Sinking energy stocks pull S&P 500 to fourth straight loss.

Da Vinci sold for $450 mn is headed to Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Google Amazon row leads to restricted YouTube access.

Traders on a $1 billion cryptocurrency exchange say they can't withdraw money and are left in the dark about why.

Bitcoin exchange rate soars 10.5%, breaching $13,000 mark.

Walmart plans corporate name change next year.

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