Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Tank Of The Future Will Be 30 Tons, Equipped With Artificial Intelligence That Controls Robots And Lethal Weapon Systems

Warror Maven, Scout Warrior: Future Tanks: 30-Tons, Artificial Intel, Commanding Attack Robots

Dispensing with the heavy cannon, munitions and turret alone removes about 20 tonnes from a modern main battle tank

"A future manned node is more than likely to never operate without a phalanx of unmanned or supporting platforms - from drones for sensors, mine / booby trap hunters, long range / reach weapons like missiles, or traditional “air cover” or traditional infantry support"

The idea of armored fighting vehicles dates from before da Vinci and is the latest iteration of the mounted heavy Cavalry and war elephants. The advent of the internal combustion engine made possible vast increases in energy, which in turn, made practical vehicles with more protection and offensive armament.

Balancing off tradeoffs between firepower, mobility, and protection within the confines of a mass limitation of roughly 70 tonnes (the amount most roads and bridges can carry); a form factor that can be readily transported by rail, road, and ship; that adequately protect the occupants is the task of an AFV designer.

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WNU Editor: A smaller armored vehicle without a heavy cannon and turret ?!?!?! That is not a tank.


James said...

A guess would be that most of this stuff would have to be used very early and rapidly before it's support network (energy, comms, etc) breaks down. That would leave doctrine predicated on who ever can keep the support there the longest wins (at least for the moment).
A rough analogy would be the advent of effective steam driven warships in the 19th century. While present on station they were generally unbeatable, but were limited in use until remote coaling stations came into existence.

Carl said...

It's too bad we're more concerned with how and with what gee-whiz technology we're going to fight futures wares with than about what we need to do to AVOID future wars.

Hans Persson said...

James have a very good point here that I actually have not thought about before. The army with the best battery tech solution wins! :D
I can just imagine the massive new logistics for just this one thing, they have to construct small nuclear reactors close to the front to keep a massive amount of these vehicles and flying objects going in a big war. I wonder how long it takes before all this brakes down in reality so they have to rely on good ol' warfare while all these new fancy stuff just sits there gathering dust.
I guess in low intensity and proxy wars, and in a small scale, this will work pretty well.

jimbrown said...

Lazer tank to go with lazer apache?

James said...

" I wonder how long it takes before all this brakes down in reality so they have to rely on good ol' warfare while all these new fancy stuff just sits there gathering dust."
I don't know. That's been said by every oldtimer in the military since day one of any advancements. If they were right we'd still be fighting with sticks. I don't ever remember them being right, but the proponents of advancement in warfare have never really been very right either in what the future will be with these things.
yes why not. You know someone is thinking along those lines. The one idea all militarys have had and will have is to develop the ability to reach out and "touch someone" farther than the enemy can touch back. So yeah directed energy weapons are a wet dream.

James said...

Also to be truthful, I wouldn't consider myself that well versed on AI weapon development. There is a sporadic commentator here (mclix) who I consider the one to listen to on this subject.