Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Is Talk Of A Military Intervention In Venezuela Absurd?

Pro-government supporters attend a rally against US President Donald Trump in Caracas, Venezuela [Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters]

Al Jazeera: Talk of military intervention in Venezuela is absurd

Despite attempts by warmongers to distort reality, a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan crisis is still a possibility.

In early February, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson embarked on a Latin America tour aimed at promoting "democratic security". But just before he set off on his trip, he speculated on the possibility of a military coup in Venezuela.

"In the history of Venezuela and South American countries, it is often times that the military is the agent of change when things are so bad and the leadership can no longer serve the people," he said at an event at the University of Texas at Austin.

Tillerson's comments came six months after US President Donald Trump threatened military action in Venezuela.

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WNU Editor: To put everything into context, Puerto Rico has a population of  three million (give or take), and Venezuela has a population 10x that. To repair Puerto Rico after the hurricane will cost tens of billions .... to repair Venezuela .... albeit under different circumstances .... will cost even more .... and that does not include how deeply divided and dysfunctional Venezuelan society has become. Who wants to be responsible for that? So yes .... talk of a military intervention .... under the present circumstances .... is absurd.

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