Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Report: Hawaii Is Not Prepared For A Nuclear Missile Attack

Hawaii News Now: State report: Hawaii not prepared for missile attack threat

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii is not prepared to respond in the event a nuclear ballistic missile attack.

That's according to a comprehensive state report that looked at the false missile alert sent to all Hawaii phones on Jan. 13 and sought recommendations for preventing another false alarm — and bolstering preparedness for a threat that the state has stressed is unlikely but not impossible.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige and other officials presented the 31-page report at a news conference Tuesday, saying its 44 short- and long-term recommendations provide a road map for moving forward.

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WNU Editor: No one can ever be ready for a nuclear missile attack.


jac said...

Even if we are "prepared" what is the life after a nuclear attack?

Anonymous said...

According to the 4 star general who's "100% confident" she can defend north Korea in a north Korean nuclear attack, there's no problem lol and if you call her out on that BS you'll be branded a sexist. Here's where PC meets national security. But no problem here, just my imagination. If a guy would say 100% after failed and failed missile shield tests, and billions spent, and public test failures, he'd be chewed out.

Anonymous said...

Meant to write: Defend continental US in a north Korean nuclear attack scenario