Wednesday, February 21, 2018

White House: North Korea Cancelled A Meeting With Vice President Pence At The Last Minute

CNN: US Vice President Mike Pence was set to meet with North Korean officials, but they canceled

US Vice President Mike Pence was set to meet with North Korean officials, including Kim Jong Un's sister, during his politically charged visit to the Winter Olympics in South Korea earlier this month, his office confirmed on Tuesday.

But the North Koreans pulled out of the meeting before it could happen. Pence's office said they believed the abrupt cancellation was a sign that US attempts to exert pressure on the regime were working.

"North Korea dangled a meeting in hopes of the vice president softening his message, which would have ceded the world stage for their propaganda during the Olympics," said Nick Ayers, Pence's chief of staff.

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fred lapides said...

Mike Pence agreed to meet with the North Koreans at the Olympics, but they pulled out at the last minute after the VP threatened aggressive sanctions

War News Updates Editor said...

Fred, I see this as a tough call. On the one hand Pence could not avoid meeting North Korean defectors or refrain from criticizing North Korea and what should be done about it. If he did this it would have been a propaganda coup for North Korea and it would have sent a wrong message to American allies in the region. On the other hand you do want to talk to them .... to initiate a dialogue and to find common ground. My guess is that when the North Koreans realized that there was going to be no benefit from having such a public display of talks .... and that the U.S. may actually criticize the North (the U.S. did not agree to the protocol on what was to be discussed at these talks) .... they backed away. Bottom line .... I think this could have been handled better, but both sides failed on taking advantage of an opportunity.

fred lapides said...

you are correct. I am not sure just when our guy threatened but clearly that is not a way to begin what are supposed to be talks to achieve a better know, walk softly etc...Teddy R.