Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Palestinian Prime Minister Survives An Assassination Attempt In Gaza

New York Times: Blast Hits Palestinian Prime Minister’s Convoy in Gaza

JERUSALEM — A roadside bomb blast in Gaza Tuesday morning damaged several vehicles in the convoy of the Palestinian Authority’s prime minister, Rami Hamdallah, in what the authority called a failed assassination attempt. But the incident quickly raised questions about the motives of those responsible, and whether a successful assassination might not have been their real aim.

No group immediately claimed responsibility, and Mr. Hamdallah was unharmed, but the attack came amid a tense standoff between his Ramallah-based government, dominated by the Fatah political faction, and the Islamist militant group Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since routing Fatah in the coastal enclave in a civil war a decade ago.

Israel, with help from Egypt, has kept Gaza under a strict blockade for years, and conditions in Gaza have grown increasingly dire. The Palestinian Authority compounded those problems last year with financial pressures that included mass layoffs and crippling daily power outages.

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