Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Polls: South Koreans Do Not Trust North Korea's 'Sincerity'

Wooyoung Lee, Al Jazeera: Polls show South Koreans do not trust North's 'sincerity'

Following talks of an inter-Korean summit, South Koreans remain apprehensive about Kim Jong-un's intentions.

Seoul, South Korea - North Korea's willingness to hold talks with the South and the US has been welcomed by South Koreans although with a bit of scepticism with regards to Kim Jong-un's sincerity in having a dialogue, according to a recent poll conducted in South Korea.

The North Korean leader agreed to meet South Korea's president next month and impose a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests if his country holds talks with the US.

The North's surprise outreach for talks raises hopes for South Koreans that upcoming summit talks would defuse tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

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WNU Editor: The key sentences ....

.... 64.1 percent of respondents said they did not trust North Korea's sincerity in denuclearisation and having a dialogue. Respondents in their 20s were the most critical - 74 percent of them expressed their distrust in the regime.

WNU Editor: I am actually surprised that the numbers are this low. I expected it to be around 90%.

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D.Plowman said...

Are you in the 90%, WNU Editor? I think you are... :P

I am also very skeptical. This all seems like a delaying tactic to me, or perhaps for something far worse.

But it could be that desperation has driven them to talk. Who knows.