Wednesday, March 14, 2018

U.K To Expel 23 Russian Diplomats Over Chemical Attack On Ex-Spy

Daily Mail: Britain hits back: Theresa May vows to EXPEL 23 Russian spies, CANCELS all contact with Moscow and calls for international SANCTIONS as she lays out reprisals for nerve gas attack

* Theresa May has unveiled the UK's response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack
* Donald Trump voiced support for Britain's position in telephone call last night
* Mrs May already had the backing of France and Germany to stand up to Moscow
* Moscow said it would retaliate if May delivers on threatened 'punitive' response
* UK has made formal protest over nerve agent use at UN Human Rights Council
* Britain calling for emergency session of the UN security council to discuss issue

Theresa May vowed to expel 23 Russian spies today as she laid out Britain's retaliation over the Salisbury nerve gas outrage.

In the biggest diplomatic swipe for decades, the Prime Minister gave the 'undeclared intelligence agents' a week to leave the country and suspended 'all high level contact' with the country.

Mrs May also paved the way for a crackdown on cronies of Vladimir Putin, suggesting there would be no tolerance for corrupt money in London and raising the prospect of asset seizures.

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WNU Editor: Not everyone is on board with these expulsions .... 'You're a disgrace to your party!' Fury as Corbyn says he does not TRUST security services' evidence that Russia is to blame for spy nerve agent attack (Daily Mail).

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D.Plowman said...

I normally can't stand Corbyn and his policies. But for once, we're on the same page here.

It seems there is a movement to fastrack the blame to Russia. This thing is a whole setup, smells like one, looks like one, and now the vultures are circling and May and her cronies are jumping at the opportunity to strike.

Hans Persson said...

Was not Corbyn accused of being a paid russian spy? But there was no real evidence, just some old documents from some east european country.. well his statements now pretty much sums it up.

B.Poster said...


Bingo!! I've been patiently trying to explain this to people on a multitude of threads. While I did not wish to, I have become quite heated with some of these people. For some reason, they CANNOT think rationally.

I'm coming to think your theory of a Putin enemy may be what is going on here. I've explained it on another thread. There is much for a Putin enemy to gain and little risk involved.

Personally I think the British leadership is ideologically blind. When it comes to anti-Russian hysteria they are little different than "Pavlov's dogs." Someone baited them and they fell for it HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER!! DJT being a generally cagey person and a master negotiator/deal maker instantly realized the situation and has not jumped in an such an irrational manner. When our top diplomat fell for this, obviously he had to be dropped forthwith. Stable and focused countries and people do not act in such a manner.


This does appear to be a strategy employed by the hysterically anti-Russia establishment. If someone says something reasonable with regards to Russia accuse them of being a "Russian spy." If we are afraid they might say something reasonable preemptively accuse them of being a "Russian spy." Stable and focused people and nations do not do such things nor do they tolerate accusations made against people without proof. Accusing someone of being a "Russian spy" or a "spy" for an enemy period is VERY serious business. To throw about such accusations in such a reckless manner indicates non serious people and may even be a sign of mental illness.

B.Poster said...

I would add here that would be absolutely no downside in taking our time to conduct a proper investigation. A conviction looks more credible if done and sanctions can still be imposed if need be. If we took a month to properly do this, there would not be a material change in the political situation. By acting so rashly they undercut their claims.

Of course there is a diplomatic process with North Korea that shows promise. If anyone thinks that this was done without major Russian assistance, they are deluding themselves. Putin would have taken enormous risks here. The timing of this is suspect and the speed with which the British authorities are moving is suspect. Focused and stable people would understand the stakes and would not act in such a way, at least this should apply to the Britons. As for Putin's enemy, win/win all the way around.

Congratulations idiots!! You've undermined yet another careful and meticulous diplomatic process and you've enabled a Russian enemy even more dangerous than Putin!! And these people are supposed to be the smart ones and Trump the dumb one?!!?

Anonymous said...

come on you want to us to believe that a Putin critic die like other before him and you go with Giant conspiracy to explain it . Putin is a thug simple as that .
I would also advice to sort out your allegiance

fred lapides said...

The White House today said it was Russia source and said pm may was right!