Thursday, May 17, 2018

Former Israeli Soldier: Israel's Soldiers Crossed A "Red Line" By Firing On Unarmed Protesters In Gaza With Sniper Rifles

A Palestinian demonstrator reacts as others run from tear gas fired by Israeli forces during a protest marking the 70th anniversary of Nakba, at the Israel-Gaza border in the southern Gaza Strip May 15, 2018. Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

Business Insider: Former Israeli sniper says soldiers crossed a 'red line' in Gaza that he 'thought we were never going to cross'

* A former Israeli soldier says Israel's troops crossed a "red line" by firing on unarmed protesters in Gaza with sniper rifles.
* On Monday, 60 Palestinian demonstrators were killed during clashes with Israeli troops along the Gaza-Israel border amid protests over the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem.
* This week, the Trump administration has repeatedly blamed the violence in Gaza on the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, and has fervently supported Israel's right to defend itself.

A former Israeli soldier says Israel's troops crossed a "red line" by firing on unarmed protesters in Gaza with sniper rifles.

"We see IDF snipers shooting at unarmed Palestinians when they are 300m away from the fence," Nadav Weiman, who was with an Israeli sniper unit a decade ago, told Sky News.

"That's a huge change from when I was a sniper and I think that this is a red line that I personally thought we were never going to cross," Weiman added.

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WNU Editor: The Middle East is no stranger to war and conflict .... but the gloves have definitely been taken off by every Middle Eastern country in the past few years .... Israel included.


Hans Persson said...

This is some White Knight attention Whore right there. What options did Israel have? Let 40.000 protesters inside Israel? Bah

Anonymous said...

Nadav Weiman from Breaking the Silence is not qualified to comment.

C'mon Mr WNU Ed, let's not use extreme left wing radicals as sources for news..

Considering Hamas has acknowledges 53 of its members were killed, they are not exactly peaceful protesters..

fred lapides said...

What is needed is a more balanced view, seeing rights and wrongs on both sides, SUCH AS THIS

fazman said...

Gotta be kidding

Anonymous said...

Your right Fred, a more balanced view is required:

Anonymous said...

Agreed Hans

Anonymous said...

Support Israel 100%

Antitroll said...

Eff Israel 100%

Sean Austin said...

The best part of this is that Hamas was too stupid to play the media. They admitted most of the deaths were their own. Sounds like an attempted assault in disguise as a protest to me. Warnings were issued beforehand that Israel would defend themselves and Hamas made it clear they were coming to cause harm. Shouldn't be a surprise that they defended themselves. Anyone that went to this "protest" was either brainwashed and forced to be cannon fodder, or there to cause problems.

Aizino Smith said...

Unarmed protesters are a weapon of war.

They are used to maybe tear up the border fence, distract or habituate the opposing side to their presence. Once the Israelis are habituated to being mobbed due to Hamas action and LEFTIST Israeli connivance future protests will mix in combatants.

Once a protester is with in arms reach the utility of a gun is very much lower, while Hamas numbers count for more.

Gaza could be Singapore II. But Hamas does not want that. They want all of Israel. Some people are too _______ stupid to admit it.